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the ruyton reporter

We are grateful to the following

donors for their generosity:

The Adgemis Family

Mr J & Mrs M Andronis

Mrs M Ashton neé Marshall (1965)

Ms D Baggiere

The Banting Family

The Bate Family

The Baumgartner Family

The Billings Family

Ms S Blyth (2007)

Ms L Broadfoot

Mrs B Burke neé Hardie (1970)

The Carbone Family

The Cheah Family

The Chee Lin Family

The Chen Family

Ms L Chen

The Cheng Family

Mrs M Clarke neé Menzies (1957)

Mr A and Mrs L Clarke

The Cleeve Family

Mrs F Coldwell neé Summons (1990)

The Collins Family

The Courtney Family

The Cran Family

Mrs L Cunningham neé Bodycomb


The Danks Family

The Davidson Family

Mrs M Davis neé McHaffie (1946)

The De Bortoli Family

Ms S Dean (1970)

The Denovan Family

The Doan Family

The Dontschuk Family

Mr C and Mrs A Doufas

Ms L Douglas & Mr T Guglielmo

The Driscoll Family

The Dumbrell Family

Mrs B Dwyer neé Nicholls (1968)

The Elford Family

Mrs J Elliott neé Phillips (1968)

The Fitzgibbon Family

The Fox Family

The Frith Family

Mr M and Mrs S Fryer

The Furey Family

Mr R Gannon & Ms A Helps

The Gillam Family

Mrs N Ginnane

The Griffiths Osmond Family

Mr A Grollo

Mrs G Gumley

The Hartin Family

The Hogg Family

The Houlihan Family

Mr J & Mrs K Hudson

Ms C Jarrett (2005)

The Jayaswal Cooper Family

Mrs P Jin

The Jin Family

The Kanat Family

Dr C & Mrs P Karopoulos

The Kelly Family

The Kelly Family

The Kenafacke Family

The Kenyon Family

The Kimber Family

Mrs H & Dr J King

The Kleeman Family

The Kleiman Family

The Kotsos Family

The Lee Family

The Li Family

The Lin Family

Mr F Lin & Ms T Rudometova

The Magdich Family

The Maher Family

The Malamas Family

The Marsden Braithwaite Family

Mr C and Mrs F Marsh

The Mason Family

The McCombe Pettigrew Family

Dr J McCutcheon (1969)

The McGregor Family

Mr S McLeay & Ms W Schrader

The McLeish Family

The McPhail Family

The Meehan Family

The Melton Family

Dr J Morgan neé Simms (1969)

Mrs N Morton neé Miles (1970)

The Moten Family

The Mugavin Family

The Mullins Family

The Neoh Family

The Ng Family

The O’Brien Family

The Old Ruytonians’ Association

Ms T Peters

The Parents of Ruyton

Ms H Powers (1963)

Mr C and Dr M Price

The Rigg Family

The Riva Family

The Roberts Family

Mr T & Mrs N Rule

Mr A & Mrs S Sando

The Schonfeldt Family

The Sciberras Family

The Sharples Family

The Sibree Family

Miss J Simms (1943) Dec

The Slater Family

Ms S Sloan & Mr D Hall

Mrs L & Mr M Smith

The Starkins Family

Mr B Sutherland & Ms S King

The Sutherland Family

The Tan Family

Mr J & Mrs L Thomas

Dr H Toh & Dr T Horng

The Toor Family

Ms S Tossoun & Mr N Calil

The Tucker Family

Mr G and Mrs D Tymms

The van Haandel Family

The Verrocchi Family

The Walmsley Family

The Wanless Robertson Family

Ms K Watt

The Weeraman Family

Dr D Williams & Dr S Ellis

Mrs J Williams neé Beyer (1943) Dec

The Wilmshurst Family

Mrs MWilson neé De Campo (1974)

The Woollard Family

The Woolrich Family

Mrs R Xie

Mr X Xu & Mrs WWu

The Xu Family

The Xu Family

Mr Y Yang

Mr Z Yang

Ms L Yang & Mr P Lai

Mr J Yang & Ms Q Pan

Ms F Yucel & Mr D Sylva

Mr P & Mrs I Zaparas

The Zervos Family

The Zhang Family

The Zhao Family

Anonymous x 18


Collaboration, Generosity

and Creativity

The new Margaret McRae Centre stands as testimony

to the power of collaboration, generosity and creativity.

The successful completion of our most recent Capital

Campaign saw the opening of this Centre on Monday

22 February 2016 and this was due entirely to the

significant generosity of the wonderful community we

enjoy here, Inside Ruyton. The Foundation believes that

our girls’ opportunities should be unconstrained by

inadequate facilities and buildings, traditional

learning avenues or inaccessibility. It is because our

Ruyton community has embraced this belief that we

have raised the most we have ever achieved in a Capital

Campaign to date.

Historically, the largest amount previously raised by

the Foundation for capital works was $500,000 for the

swimming pool. I am delighted to announce that, for

this project, we have received an amazing $953,000 in

donations and pledges. Our donors come from across

our community: past students and current and past

board members, parents, and staff. The Honour Board,

located just inside the front doors, acknowledges all of

our donors who have partnered with us to continue the

tradition of supporting Ruyton girls to do their best.

The School has chosen to name nine learning areas

in recognition of significant donations, with three of

the rooms scheduled to be named at a later date in

collaboration with the families involved. Six of the

room names are already installed: the Woolrich Family

Laboratory, the Penne Furmage Room, the Rebecca

Starkins Room, the Verrocchi Family Room, the Kanat

Family Room and the Bate Family Room.

Our community has accompanied us on every step of

the way on this exciting journey, from the campaign

launch in March 2013 at the Ruyton Fair, a wonderful

community-building and fundraising event, to where

we are today. I would like to acknowledge all our donors,

who have each made personally meaningful gifts.

I thank the Parents of Ruyton (the POR) who

generously contributed funds raised at two Balls and

two Luncheons towards providing this facility for our

girls. We are most grateful to the Old Ruytonians’

Association (the ORA) for their contribution and we

know they are looking forward to hosting many

Reunions and other events in the Margaret McRae

Centre. It is through the combined generosity of our

community, individual donors, families and groups that

we have been able to help achieve this wonderful result.

We sincerely thank you all.

And I have to let you know that it is never too late to

contribute! We are still very happy to receive further

donations to the Margaret McRae Centre Capital

Campaign and have opportunities available for the

School to acknowledge significant donations with

room names. If you would like to make a donation

of any size, please contact Ms Tonya Peters, Director

of Development at



9290 9318.

Mr Peter Kanat,

President of the Ruyton Foundation