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Farewell to George

In saying goodbye to

Georgina Canty,

we are in

a unique position. So often

our colleagues become

friends – the very best of

friends – our family away

from home. And when we

say farewell to them as they leave Ruyton, we try

to imagine what School will be like without them,

how different things will be the following year

when they are no longer around.

But in this case we already know. We already know

the void left without Georgina here, since she has

been on maternity leave. Even though we’ve had

18 months to get used to the idea, it’s still a very

sad goodbye.

In her 12 years at Ruyton, Georgina has performed

many roles, most notably Dean of English, where

she led the development of the curriculum, working

closely with many staff and leading her Department

with expertise and efficiency. Being a lover of books,

this role suited George to a tee, as it gave her free

licence to read and read. Georgina was also the

Co-ordinator for the Senior School Gifted and

Talented programme for several years – a role she

relished and the girls benefitted from greatly.

Beyond that, Georgina played an integral role

accompanying Ruyton’s best skiers to Mount

Buller each year for the Interschools’ Snow Sports

Competition. A talented skier herself, George

relished this assignment and the opportunity to

be a part of this programme. In her time at Ruyton,

Georgina has also had stints as Community

Awareness Co-ordinator, Ruyton Student Council

Co-ordinator and was a Lascelles House teacher.

All of us who have had the pleasure of working

with Georgina love her for her humour, her

no-nonsense attitude and her capacity to chart

a course in concert with her peers. But, as strong

as our ties are, we cannot compete with the love

Georgina has for her new role, her greatest role yet

– that of being a mother. We wish her the very best

of luck as she transfers her wonderful skills as an

educator to the challenging, yet ultimately

rewarding, adventures of parenthood.

Miss Michelle Raatjes,

Year 11 Co-ordinator

and Mr Walter Zavattiero,

Year 12 Co-ordinator


autumn 2016


don’t Hate Alison Ashley

Last year saw the inauguration of the Year 7 and 8 production. Co-ordinator

of Drama (2015), Ms Michele McNamara, together with the Performing Arts

Department, helped the girls stage their first full production, performing

Hating Alison Ashley.

Over 90 girls participated in the production, pursuing

their interest in stagecraft, acting, singing, dancing, costumes and

advertising. Talented performances on stage, combined with opportunities

for humour and a fantastic 1980’s soundtrack, provided a great recipe for

success. It was a fine example of the community coming together, as

teachers, members of Friends of Ruyton Performing Arts (FORPA) and other

parents supported the girls behind the scenes or by being members of the

audience. In addition, the Year 10 VCE Drama students’ production of

Women of the Town

was an outstanding success. Each girl’s sensitive

portrayal of an Australian female criminal from the 1920s provided a very

moving depiction of prejudice and hardship for young women during this

time in history. The performers and Ms McNamara are to be congratulated.

Vocal Concert

It’s not just the acting talent of our girls which is impressive, but also the

diversity of their singing abilities. Both took away our breath at the vocal concert

at the end of Term 3 last year. 2015 Vocal Captains, Emma Bannister and Sophia

Currie, together with 2015 Music Captain Jennifer Tarry-Smith, provided

wonderful leadership and participation at the concert. It was pleasing to see

how issues pertinent in today’s world were covered in an amazing array of

numbers in the concert, ably reflected in the title,

‘I amWoman, Hear Me Roar’.

Once again, the Music Department assisted the girls and especial thanks are due

to members of Friends of Ruyton Performing Arts (FORPA) for their support.

‘I amWoman, Hear Me Roar’