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autumn 2016

Alannah V Year 9

What do you like

most about your


What I like most

about French is the

excitement of learning

and discovering new

things about another

culture and language.

I love being able to read

something in another

language and actually

understand what it says.

I always try my best to

learn more and improve my spoken French. The thought

of being able to communicate with people who live

miles away motivates me to keep learning more. I really

enjoy French and have done so since I was very young.

Thinking about the doors it will open in the future

excites me!

What achievement in this subject are you most proud of?

My biggest achievement in this subject is being the

recipient of the First Prize for Year 9 division in the

Alliance Française poetry competition last year. When

I received the invitation for the awards night, I was so

surprised and excited. On the night it was fantastic to

see and hear the other students’ poems and how they

interpreted them. Knowing I had the support of my

family there and my French teacher, I felt very confident

and excited to receive the award!

Who has been a role model for you?

Madame Mancev is a role model for me because her

passion for sharing another language shows in her

teaching. This inspires me to try my hardest and to

further my language skills. Madame Mancev always

creates amazing and fun class activities. She encourages

you to do your best and helps you in any way possible,

pointing out specific techniques to aid you in your

learning in the future.

What co-curricular activities are you involved in and

which do you enjoy the most?

I am involved in Choirs of Ruyton, Show Choir, Singing

and Piano lessons, a Ruyton netball team and dancing.

I enjoy dancing the most, as I have been involved in it

since I was young. I am very determined and passionate

to learn new techniques and dances. The thing I love

most is the rush of performing on stage and seeing

all of the people there supporting you!

Roshica P Year 11

What do you like most about your particular subject?

What I love about maths is that no matter what

problem is put in front of you, if you follow a set

method you can always depend on finding an answer.

In contrast to this, the fact that the meaning of

literature often relies on your own interpretation

of it also leads me to enjoy English.

What achievement in this subject are you most proud of?

In maths, I ammost proud of the fact that I haven’t

given up on it yet! I am aware that this might sound

slightly mundane, as far as an achievement goes, but

as I’ve become older, maths has definitely become a lot

more of a challenge to me. It is because of this that the

moments where I’m filled with the most satisfaction is

when I realise that the hard work and time I have

invested in the subject is what has caused me slowly

to grasp the concepts presented to me in class.

What is a particular highlight in your learning?

My favourite part of studying maths has been applying

the skills I have learnt in completing short answer

questions. These show how what we are learning

relates to everyday situations.

Who has been a role

model for you?

A role model for me has

been JK Rowling, the

author of the Harry

Potter series. I find it

inspirational that, even

though her manuscript

was rejected by not one

or two but by 12

publishers, she

continued to do what

she loved and ended

up being one of the

most successful authors of all time. I think she

represents the epitome of the phrase, ‘never give up’.

What co-curricular activities are you involved in and

which do you enjoy the most?

In addition to participating in GSV weekly sport,

I am heavily involved in the Ruyton music programme,

through being a part of three choirs and two

ensembles. Out of these activities, I enjoy Choirs of

Ruyton the most. It’s truly amazing to be a part of such

a large group and to hear the type of music we create,

with just one lunchtime rehearsal a week.

Jessica R Year 12

What do you like most

about your subjects?

My favourite subjects so

far this year are Classics

and English. Classics is a

subject not studied very

much nowadays but it is

an awesome combination

of Greek and Roman

literature, as well as

history. English allows me

to express my creativity.

What achievement in your

subjects are you most

proud of?

I ammost proud of my public speech in English, as it

allowed me to research a current and important issue

in society that I’m very passionate about. I spoke about

gun laws in America. This issue is extremely pervasive

in society and most of us will have seen the many tragic

gun deaths in the media. These devastating images

motivated me to speak on this issue and hopefully left

others with something to think about.

What is a particular highlight in your learning?

I love the arts and literary side of subjects, in particular

the creative aspect of them. Despite this, I also

appreciate having a balance in my subjects, and enjoy

subjects such as Maths and Chemistry.

Who has been a role model for you?

Everyone at Ruyton has acted as a role model for me

in some kind of way - from the teachers to other girls.

Everyone is willing to give a helping hand and this

evidently creates a strong sense of community

at Ruyton.

What co-curricular activities are you involved in?

I’m currently involved in Henty Orchestra, which is

a great way to meet other girls from different year

levels who share a similar interest in music. I also enjoy

participating in GSV sports, which is always a lot of fun

after school!