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the ruyton reporter

At Ruyton our teachers foster a love of

learning, valuing questions and curiosity. Girls

are encouraged to connect, explore, discover

and create, adopting a growth mindset in

order to respond to challenge with resilience

and persistence. As independent learners,

Ruyton students are inspired to reach their

full intellectual, physical, emotional and

social potential in a safe and supportive

environment. Learning is our core business

and the purpose behind all that we do at

Ruyton. There is no doubt that our girls and

teachers embrace every opportunity to learn

with passion and commitment!

From our Girls’ Perspective

Juliet B Year 5

What do you like most about


I love writing because I

like to express my ideas

in different ways. I write

narratives and poetry.

What achievements in your

learning are you most

proud of?

I am proud of my

achievements in Maths.

I’m really proud of being

able to do all of my times

tables and long division, and to use big numbers for

subtraction and multiplication. I have also developed

in my reading. I can now read big chapter books and

I get a lot more into books than I did before. I love

getting transported into books.

Who has been a role model for you?

A person who is a role model to me is my sister, Mimi.

She always works hard and is always kind, caring and

helpful. Also, I’d say all of my classroom teachers who

support me and help me learn.

What co-curricular activities are you involved in?

I play in Paganini Strings and I love being in this group.

The teachers are great at being able to fit in all of the

different levels and they are so kind, caring and


Georgina T Year 5

What do you like most about learning?

When I am learning, I enjoy writing and its scope for

creativity. I enjoy being creative because when I am,

I can share my opinion and write what ever I want.

Who has been a role model for you?

My role models are William Barak and Anne Fraser Bon,

who tried to solve the state Aboriginal rights situation.

When I am older I want to become a lawyer or a radio

school teacher for remote communities so that I can

help as well. That is why I am working hard and putting

in effort at School.

What achievements are

you most proud of?

I am very proud of

coming fifth in the

hurdles at our state

competition. I went

through the House

Athletics, then SYDSA,

regionals, division and

then state.

What co-curricular

activities are you

involved in and which do you enjoy the most?

I play the piano with Mrs Lane, I play basketball after

School on Thursdays and I am in the Navy Swimming

Squad. I am also in the before School Marimbafied

Ensemble and I think I enjoy Marimbafied the most.

Jemima J Year 10

What do you like most about your subject?

I enjoy Geography

because it is extremely

diverse. It helps me gain

an understanding of the

physical, human and

environmental world. I

enjoy learning about the

different countries of the

world and how they relate

to each other. I am able to

gain an understanding and

appreciation of the world,

which is useful when


What achievement in this subject are you most proud of?

I ammost proud of my field work on ethical trade, as

well as my report on the exporting of overseas coffee.

Who has been a role model for you and what is it about

them that you found inspirational?

Malala Yousafzai has been a role model for me as she

appreciates the importance of women’s education

and is not scared to voice her opinion.

What co-curricular activities are you involved?

I participate in GSV which is a great way to represent

the School and be involved in a selection of sports.