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autumn 2015

One of the ways in which Year 12 girls are encouraged to come

together as a cohesive unit is by selecting a colour to represent

their year level, and a motto. This is decided by all girls when

they are in Year 11 as they prepare to enter Year 12.

The colour for Year 12 2015 is ice blue and their motto is

‘To lead with Effervescence and Ambition.’

In 2014 it was

‘To lead with Zest and Sincerity’

and the colour was flame; in 2013 it was

‘To lead with Vibrancy and Resilience’


the colour was hot pink.

‘Effervescence is the perfect way to describe the bubbly dynamism which we will exude in every opportunity

and challenge we face throughout the year. Not only will our effervescence provide us with vigour and optimism

to strive for our own individual goals, but also it will inspire others to do the same with passion and motivation.

To complement effervescence, the class of 2015 commit to lead with ambition. Ambition is the determination to

achieve success, a quality that is undoubtedly needed in Year 12, but is also required when being a successful leader …

Our ambition takes on many different forms. We all have our academic aspirations and social obligations but most

importantly, our desire to lead with passion and zeal … The paleness of our ice blue inspires freedom and creativity,

while also retaining the sincerity, loyalty and intelligence affiliated with the colour blue.’

Tiffany Angelopoulos


Sophie Kleiman,

School Co-Captains 2015

We are always very proud of the efforts of the girls during Year 12 and with their subsequent

VCE results. In 2014 our girls achieved exceptional results. There are many facets to our success and

we recognise the importance of our excellent teaching staff as well as the active support of the

Ruyton community for all of our girls. But it is the girls themselves who never cease to amaze us.

Congratulations to all our girls past and present and good luck to the up and coming years.

‘Dressing up for the final day has been a dream since

being at Ruyton and seeing the Year 12s dress up. It comes

with great excitement to dress up and shows how we are

united through our year level. It also comes with great

sadness, to be finishing and saying goodbye to the rest

of the School. The Valedictory Dinner was a night to

remember, with us all coming together for the final time

as a year level before our exams. The reflections from

past years filled us with joy, remembering all the things

we had accomplished together.’

Alexandra Buckley

Year 12 2014

‘I think the dressing up is great because it’s so unique

and different from other schools. It’s also great to have

a theme and a dress that you can always remember.

The final Assembly activities were amazing. Putting on

a small presentation for the parents was really lovely

and I know they really enjoyed it.’

Ann Du

Year 12 2014

‘Our last day at School is an extremely special day which

I’ll never forget. It allows us to say goodbye to our friends

and thank our teachers for their unwavering support.

Painting our dresses makes the day that little bit more

special and unifies us as a year level. Our Valedictory

Dinner is a great celebration of what we have achieved

and it’s a time to reflect on all the amazing opportunities

Ruyton has offered us. I couldn’t have asked for a better

way to finish the year!’

Amelia Ellis

Year 12 2014

‘For me, the highlight of the Valedictory Dinner was

listening to the Valedictorian, Liv Carey speak. As she is

one of my close friends, I felt that many of the

experiences she reflected upon mirrored my own. She did

a magnificent job of summing up an unforgettable year.’

Catherine Frith

Year 12 2014

‘The final day at School was one with mixed emotions

of excitement, sadness and happiness. Our theme ‘The

Incredibles’ truly summed up my time at Ruyton and all

of the 62 girls in the year. These final days held the many

friendships and memories I will never forget.’

Caitlin Larkin

Year 12 2014

‘I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end my time at

Ruyton: the Incredibles’ theme consolidated our year, as

we all enjoyed the opportunity to work together to make

our last day so special and unforgettable; our Valedictory

Dinner also allowed us to share in an evening of both

reflection and celebration with our parents and friends,

and was a beautiful note to finish on, before our exams.’

Carla Mileo

Year 12 2014

Nail our Colours to the Mast