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autumn 2015

At the end of last year anyone passing the Prep rooms

might have heard some interesting squeals and squeaks

– and not all of them were coming from the girls! We

introduced a simple robotic creature to our programmer,

a Bee Bot.

Bee Bots are cute, bee-like robots that require

programming to move and reach a destination. The Prep

girls were introduced to Bee Bots via an App on their

iPads and quickly mastered the appropriate steps. They

were amazed to discover that Bee Bots were more than

images on their screens - and that is when the fun really

began. After experimenting with the real Bee Bots, the

girls worked in teams to challenge themselves. Using

maps, number and alphabet charts and a streetscape, the

girls became proficient at programming their robot to go

forward, turn and continue to their desired spot. A few

girls learned to use reverse to get them out of

a jam and added a 360 turn as well. They then created

their own tracks, roads and even an obstacle course to

manoeuvre through.

The Bee Bots were then transformed with individual

costumes or sunglasses and became unique personalities.

The classroom floor was covered in a maze of roads,

bridges, booby traps and a BB stop meeting place where

they congregated to plan their next journey. The Prep

girls continued to plan more Bee Bot adventures,

including the creation of animated story books, videos

and an episode of synchronised dancing!

Miss Carla Bond and Mrs Louise Graham,

Prep teachers

A Significant


Long-serving member of staff, Rachel Macey,

left Ruyton at the end of last year after loyal

and dedicated service to the School.

Rachel began her association with Ruyton

in 2004 and her roles have been varied and

extensive. She has been a Prep, Year 1 and

Year 2 classroom teacher, Information and

Communications Technology (ICT) Co-ordinator

and also an invaluable support to Junior

School teachers across all year levels.

With her exceptional organisational skills,

efficiency and attention to detail, Rachel’s

careful planning ensured that the individual

social, emotional and learning needs of the

girls in her classroom were catered for. Her

ability to support, challenge and extend the

thinking of the girls to reach their personal best

is an example to many. Rachel’s connection

with the girls in her classroom was obvious,

and her passion, care and dedication to them,

has without question, left an indelible mark.

Rachel is a most perceptive person, very

genuine and honest. What you see is what

you get. In her Leadership role as ICT Co-

ordinator, Rachel was never judgemental

and her spontaneity and enthusiasm were

infectious. She was happy to voice her opinion

but equally pleased to be able to share her

expertise in a supportive manner. During a

time of change and innovation in ICT in the

Junior School in 2007 and again in 2009, Rachel

was a wonderful mentor to many. Rachel

also provided support for teachers who had

responsibilities in addition to their teaching

role and she always went above and beyond

to help in any way she could.

Rachel has made a significant contribution

to the School and is loved by the girls and her

colleagues alike. We wish her well as she

embarks on the next exciting chapter of her life.

Ms Tanya Cockwill and Mrs Cate Hallpike,

Year 4 teachers

Robots at Ruyton

Introducing – Bee Bot!