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autumn 2015

Play it again… Mr C!

At the end of last year the children in the ELC put on a fabulous

production for their teachers and parents alike. It is wonderful to see

how confident our young students have become and how they have

developed so many skills over the course of the year. We were

fortunate to have the talented Mr Stuart Connew (affectionately

known as Mr C by the children) to accompany the children on the

piano. So we are thrilled that Mr C has been able to join us this year

on a regular basis for piano sessions. The children are able to sing

songs with Stuart’s accompaniment, including

Twinkle Twinkle Little



Wash your Face in Orange Juice.

Mr C has also been

explaining some simple musical terms to the children. Parents are

also invited to participate with their children. This is an excellent

opportunity to introduce more music to the programme and to

foster closer relations between parents and Ruyton’s Early Learning.

Ms Karina Buttler,

Director of Early Learning

Seeing double – four times!

In what is possibly a unique situation at Ruyton’s Early Learning there

are four sets of twins in the same Kindergarten


class. James and

Nicholas H, Cassandra and Trevor N, James and Matthew K and Christian

and Olivia K, all started at the end of January. Olivia and Christian have

big sisters Nicola in Year 11 and Chantelle in Year 12 (2014) at Ruyton, and

James and Nicholas’ mother, Kate, is an old Ruytonian (’00). Apart from

the delight in having these sets of siblings, for the children in the Centre

it also provides a good illustration of different types of families and how

their genetic make-up is similar, but different.

Our Special Community

Family Picnic

At the start of the School year many Early Learning families and staff

came together at Hays Paddock to build on the inclusive community

which we already enjoy. It was a terrific way for us all to get to know

one another better in a relaxed and informal setting.