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the ruyton reporter

L is for Learners

We are all Learners

In Term 2 we are looking forward to attending a session with Dr Anne-

Marie Morrissey, a senior lecturer in Early Childhood Education from

Deakin University, on gifted and talented children in the early learning

environment. The session will outline ways to understand and meet the

needs of young gifted children and to support their families. The focus

will be on extending our girls and boys by supporting their individual

needs using the play-based philosophy inspired by Reggio Emilia. If we

begin by identifying their skills in Early Learning we are establishing a

solid foundation which can be built upon from Prep onwards.

Ms Karina Buttler,

Director of Early learning


Roaming Ruyton

Every year the Pre Preps are taken for an orientation tour of Ruyton to look

at areas of significance, such as the music and drama space in the Carolyn

Anderson Building in the Junior School where they will enjoy lessons; the

Library; the office of Ms Nicole Ginnnae, Head of Junior School; and that of

Ms Linda Douglas, the Principal. For the first time, this year the children took

their iPads with them to record what they saw. It was a fascinating insight

into what captures the imagination of a four-year-old and what they

consider is significant.

One of our children took a photo of a fire extinguisher and this led to

a useful discussion on what we would do in an emergency and why fire

extinguishers are necessary.

Another child took a photo of a leaf with variegated colours. This was a

wonderful reminder of how the smallest things in nature can be important

and deserve to have proper consideration.

As parents and educators we can all learn from what our children feel is

significant. Taking photographs using iPads is a way for children to

document their own learning and use their photo-taking as a voice to

document their thoughts. The significance of this is never underestimated,

as within the Reggio Emilia philosophy, visible documentation of children’s

thoughts is a way to value children’s learning within the community. It is

also an excellent way of capturing what is important to each year group

and how their needs differ from year to year.

Ms Karina Buttler,

Director Early Learning

Emme documenting her journey with the iPad.

Fire extinguisher:‘What is this and why is it here?’

Kindergarten’s Artist in Residence Project– ‘who made this? I like the colours’

Mrs Fairley- ‘this is Mrs Fairley. She’s the librarian’

Goldfish in the JS pond- ‘I never knew there was

fish at Ruyton!’