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autumn 2015

Engaging with our History

The British journalist Ms Sarah Harrison has the

following to say about archives:

‘The concept of preserving history, collating full

archives, making them as usable as possible so the

public have access to them, I really feel that it allows the

public an ability to engage with their own history’.

Having commenced at Ruyton as the School Archivist

in June 2014, I have spent the past few months

collecting, describing and preserving the School

records so that they can be maintained for our past,

present and future generations of Old Ruytonians.

I am determined to use my time at Ruyton to bring the

benefits of technology in the twenty first century to

bear upon our archives. One of the first programmes

implemented at the School in 2014 was a volunteer

programme aimed at digitising our records. With the

generous help of Old Ruytonians, Mrs Alex Caldwell

and Mrs Robyn Kanat, we now have a number of our

archival photograph books digitally scanned.

Another important programme introduced, and one

which I hope to grow throughout 2015 and beyond,

is the Oral History Programme. I completed interviews

with three Old Ruytonians and I hope to interview

many more this year. If you have memories of the

School that you wish to share, or if you and your family

have enjoyed a long association with Ruyton, I would

particularly like to hear from you. Your stories are a

valuable asset to our collection and they will help to

build up a significant archive for the School’s

sesquicentenary and beyond.

I work two part days at Ruyton and I am also pursuing

a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) through the College

of Law at The Australian National University, Canberra

and The University of Melbourne. My office in the

Wardynski’s House is the former home of Mr Viktor

Lapcik and his wife Maria, (nee Wardynski). Most of

the School community would be aware that Mr Lapcik

very generously donated his home to the School upon

his death in 2012.

My initial research tells us that Viktor was a technical

assistant and his wife Maria, a typist. Viktor arrived in

Fremantle, Perth just prior to Christmas 1947. He was

26 years old and single and had arrived via the United

Kingdom, Algiers, Malta (via the Suez Canal), Aden and

Colombo, on the ship,


. Viktor was born in

Poland, but had been living in the UK as a permanent

resident prior to starting a new life in Australia. There

are no details of the marriage of Viktor and Maria,

however Maria is listed on all of the electoral rolls

available to the public from 1963, so we know that

Viktor and Maria lived in the home at 25 Selbourne

Road from at least that time. Maria died in 2005 and

Viktor in 2012. We, the Ruyton Community, are the

fortunate beneficiaries of the Lapcik’s generosity.

I have a great passion

for archives and history

and I am very much

looking forward to

continuing my work

with the Ruyton

community this year.

I urge you to contact me

to share your memories,

or memorabilia from

your Ruyton School days.

Ms Louise Baker,


Dear Ruyton Community,

I hope you have had a brilliant start to 2015. This year

is set to be an exciting one for the ORA, with many

new developments and changes underway.

As part of the Committee’s plan to implement a

range of new initiatives and events, I am very

pleased to welcome Natasha Anderson whom the

ORA has recently employed to assist the committee

one day per week. Natasha is an Old Ruytonian (‘04)

and her support will enable us to accomplish more as

an organisation and deliver numerous initiatives we

have planned.

After six months of service as Secretary, Donika Odza

has stepped down as she has recently moved to

London. On behalf of the committee, I would like

to thank Donika for the contribution she has made

to the committee over the last two years and wish

her the best of luck overseas. As Donika’s

replacement I welcome Maddy Reilly who has taken

up the role of Secretary. Maddy is currently studying

Arts/Law at Monash University and has travelled the

world extensively since leaving School in 2010.

As part of the Committee’s plan to implement a

range of new activities, in the coming months we

will be sending out a survey to all ORA members.

This survey will allow us to gain more insight into

what types of events and clubs members would like

to see the ORA introduce and support. We welcome

and encourage all members to take part, as the

results of the survey will help us to plan events for

the coming years.

In Term 2, on Thursday 30 April, we will welcome

back Graeme Simsion for our annual Meet the

Author event. Graeme will speak about his new


The Rosie Effect,

sequel to his first bestselling


The Rosie Project.

Graeme last spoke in 2013 at

our Meet the Author event, where he told a captive

audience about the story behind the endearing

protagonist in his books, Don Tillman, and his own

journey as an author.

I am excited to announce that later this year the

ORA will commence implementation of a mentoring

programme which will be open to all ORA members.

If you are interested in assisting us to initiate

this programme or would like to take part as either

a mentor or mentee please contact Natasha on

9290 9345 or

. Please watch

the ORAdvisor and the ORA Facebook page

for more information.

When planning for the future, it is important to

reflect on previous achievements and the history of

the ORA. In celebration of past ORA committee

office bearers, last August the ORA held a high tea

at the Windsor Hotel. The event was attended by

27 past office bearers and was a lovely opportunity

to catch up with old friends and share stories and

experiences as committee members. It was a

wonderful reminder of what a special community

Ruyton is and an inspiration to continue to grow the

presence of the ORA both within Ruyton and among

our alumni.

I look forward to an exciting year ahead.

Kind regards

Ms Sarah Blyth

, President of the

Old Ruytonians’ Association

Old Ruytonians’ Association

From the ORA President

Dear ORA Members,

The Old Ruytonians’ Association advises of the

2015 Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the

Old Ruytonians’ Association (ORA). All members

are invited to attend the meeting if they wish.

Date: Thursday 28 May 2015

Time: 6:00pm

Place: Reception Room, Ruyton Girls’ School


1. President’s Welcome

2. Attendees Present

3. Apologies

4. Minutes of Previous Annual General Meeting

5. Treasurer’s Report

6. President’s Report

7. Changes to the Constitution

8. Election of Committee

9. General Business



Sarah Blyth


Andrea Fyfe


Madeleine Reilly

Committee Members:

Caroline Jarrett

Natalie Pullan

Freya Marsden

Emily McClean

Any further nominations for the Committee are due

by Thursday 21 May 2015



hereby nominate

To the Old Ruytonians’ Association Committee

for 2016

Signature/address nominator

Signature/address seconder

Notice Of AGM