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autumn 2015



The Ruyton Lunch

Our current campaign includes a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and

Mathematics (STEM) as we seek to support the building of the new Margaret McRae

Centre, where there will be science laboratories and spaces for flexible learning. As a

consequence, we were delighted when Jane Hadjion (Marsden ’01) accepted our invitation

to speak at the Ruyton lunch held on Friday 20 March. Not only is she living proof of the

ability of girls to succeed in areas traditionally perceived as bastions of male authority, but

also she has given freely of her time to the Ruyton community to work alongside our

teachers and girls to promote a programme of STEM. Once again the lunch was a success

and we were privileged to hear Jennifer Tarry-Smith, Music Captain 2015, perform. What

amazing talent we have in our current, as well as our past, cohort of girls.

Standing on the

Shoulders of Giants

The Ruyton community believes strongly in a focus on learning and

teaching to provide opportunities for growth. Miss Margaret McRae,

Principal from 1963-1985, was seen as an innovative Principal. When she

retired from Ruyton not only was the School debt free, but also, under

her stewardship, many new buildings were commissioned. In parallel, she

encouraged teachers to experiment with change. It is fitting, therefore,

that our new building is to be named the Margaret McRae Centre, for it

incorporates new science laboratories to encourage innovative learning,

as well as dynamic Drama spaces, Year 7 and 8 classrooms and community

event facilities. Our current girls are the recipients of the generosity of those

who have gone before. This campaign has already motivated past students

and parents, as well as current parents and members of staff, and the board

of directors, to partner with us financially. We invite you to be a part of this

amazing development which will deliver a building suitable for enhancing

the learning environment for our students today and in the future.

By attending events such as the Ruyton Luncheon and the Ruyton Ball our

community is able to join together to support this campaign and we invite

you to donate generously. If you would like more information about how

you can make a difference to the education of our girls please contact

Ms Tonya Peters, the Director of Development, at

or give her a call on 9290 9318.

‘If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.’

Isaac Newton

Mr Peter Kanat,

President of the Ruyton Foundation

The Foundation


Let’s celebrate the wonderful

community of Ruyton.

All members, past and present,

are invited to join us on

Saturday 22 August

at the Mural Hall in the city.

Look out on Facebook (Ruyton Girls’ School – Kew)

or in the Wednesday Weekly for more details.

If you would like to know how you can be involved, or to donate

an item or experience, please contact Meaghan Morberger

(Harriet, Year 4) on

or Tonya Peters, Director of Development, on 9290 9318

or email