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the ruyton reporter

Ruyton has a long and proud history in the sporting

arena: we read on previous pages about Rowing

triumphs and Track and Field success. The Cross Country

team over the last eleven years has become the subject

of legend! House Swimming, Cross Country and

Athletics are regular annual fixtures and we offer every

opportunity for our girls to participate in myriad sports

– whether it’s volley ball, badminton, AFL, hockey,

or lacrosse.

But what is it that motivates the girls? What

contributes to their success? How are we succeeding

in so many areas of the School?

We spoke to some girls involved in swimming and

running to discover their secrets!


Jemma H Year 9

When did you begin

competing in


When I moved to Ruyton

in Year 3 I joined the

Ruyton Swim Club.

When I was in Year 4

Lauren McLaverty,

my current swimming

coach introduced me to

the world of competition

swimming, so I have

been competing since

I was nine.

What is your favourite event?

The 100 metres butterfly is my favourite! I like the

100 metres because I get to pace myself and it is as

if I am doing an Individual Medley because I break it

up into four parts, make a race plan and follow it.

Tell us about your highest level of achievement

in swimming.

I have been a State qualifier for the 50 and 100 metres

butterfly, the 50 metres free style and the 200 metres

Individual Medley.

Who has been a role model for you?

My role model without a doubt is Susie O’Neill or

Madame Butterfly. When she swam in the 200 metres

butterfly and broke the world record she was so

humble about it. She just kept going and I didn’t

think she was going to stop! My aim is to swim the

200 metres butterfly.

Isabella M Year 7

When did you begin competing in swimming?

I started swimming in the Ruyton Navy squad in

Year 3 and then joined the Gold squad at the start of

Year 5. I started competing for the Ruyton Aquatic

Team at the end of Year 5.

What is your favourite event?

I really enjoy swimming 100 metres freestyle because

I enjoy the exhilaration during that event.

Tell us about your highest level of achievement

in swimming.

During Beachside Division in Year 6, Laura-Jane Irving,

Mia Waters, Georgia Woollard and I were competing for

the 4x50 Medley. We were coming third and Mia did an

amazing 50 metres butterfly so that we moved into

second place. I was the last person doing the 50 metres

freestyle making me want to try even harder, and may

be because of that determination we came first in that

heat. Overall, we came second in all the heats but I

think we worked together really well as a team to finish

at a very high standard.

Who has been a role model for you?

I don’t really have a sporting hero, but when I watch

someone who is truly amazing and very dedicated to

what they do, it makes me want to become a better

swimmer and overcome hurdles that may be standing

in my way of achieving my goals.

Tell us about the team spirit at Ruyton and why

it’s important for you.

I think Ruyton’s team spirit is amazing. Everybody

contributes their best and cheers everybody on even

if they may not be the best or most amazing person at

that sport. I feel when somebody is cheering me on it

makes me want to try even harder to get where I want

to be.

What other co-curricular

activities are you

involved in?

I am involved in Ruyton

Netball and I will also be

joining GSV Swimming

and competing for

Ruyton this year. In the

future, water polo is a

sport that interests me.

Mia W Year 7

When did you begin competing in swimming?

I started swimming competitively when I was in Year 4

(age 10). I started off doing School swimming carnivals,

which I thoroughly enjoyed, and then I started proper


What is your favourite event?

My favourite event is probably 100 metres backstroke.

I enjoy it because I know how to race it. It’s a lot

harder to race something when you haven’t done it

many times.

What is your highest level

of achievement?

In 2014 I represented

Victoria at the National

Schools Sports

Competition, winning

silver in the 50 metres

backstroke. In April I am

going to my first National

championships (in Sydney)

and I will compete in two

events, the 50 metres

freestyle and the 100

metres backstroke.

Who are your role models?

I have many role models in this sport. I obviously really

look up to all the swimmers in the Australian team.

I also look up to my coach who has been so supportive

and so amazing throughout my few years of swimming


What’s important about the team spirit at Ruyton?

Ruyton has had unbelievable success in the past across

many sports, and I believe team spirit contributes to this

success. To me team spirit is all about enthusiasm and

showing support. It really does give you a lift when

you’re being encouraged by your teammates.

What other co-curricular activities are you involved in?

I really enjoy netball as well as swimming. Even though

it is possible to have a swim team travelling with you at

competitions, it’s such an individual sport. I find netball

to be a lot more team-oriented and fun. Working

together makes every bit of effort you put in a little

more rewarding.

From our Girls’ Perspective

In this edition and in future editions of the

Ruyton Reporter

we are taking the opportunity to

profile some of the activities in which our girls are engaged. Below we are featuring girls who

participate in swimming and running. Watch out for the spring edition when we will take a look

at Performing Arts. Next year we are planning a feature on our girls’ achievements and

perspectives in the classroom.