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Parent Education

At Ruyton we believe that learning never stops. As a

service to the Ruyton community the Parents of Ruyton

(POR) have been active in providing parent education

seminars in a range of topics. In particular the POR

consulted with the School counsellor, Ms Elise Conabere,

to devise a programme that reflected the perceived

needs of the community at that time.

To assist in the efficient introduction of iPads and

MacBook Airs in 2014 a series of workshops, Coffee Bytes

and presentations was offered to the Ruyton community.

Ms Robyn Treyvaud, CyberSafeKids founder and

internationally recognised expert in online safety and

digital citizenship, continued with her workshops,

Growing Up Digital, which were tailored according to

the topics raised with the implementation of Ruyton’s

new Digital Device programme. Research underlines

the importance of parents continuing to have open and

ongoing conversations with young people about their

online activities that reiterate their family’s values and

Robyn was able to outline strategies to help with this

process. Coffee Bytes was an informal opportunity for

parents to connect over a cup of coffee in the Courtyard

Café and be part of a facilitated discussion about the

opportunities and concerns that parents may have

as their daughters engage in the new playground of

social media.

Later in the year Robyn also presented another workshop:

The LIKE and SELFIES Generation-It’s Complicated.


they’re getting retweeted by members of One Direction,

or liking the Hunger Games Facebook page for a chance

to be included in the movie’s credits, today’s teens are

directly interacting with pop culture in ways never

before possible. Likes, follows, retweets, and favourites

can become the social currency of this generation and

the self-esteem of teens is impacted by the number of

Likes they receive ... or NOT. This workshop was co-hosted

with the School counsellor.

‘What every parent needs to know about parenting

teenage girls’

was the title of the presentation given by

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg. He focused on the special trials

of raising adolescent girls today: what to do when a

previously quiet, loving daughter becomes a restless,

rebellious stranger who behaves like a responsible

adult one day and a vampish brat the next. Dr Michael

Carr-Gregg is one of Australia’s highest profile

psychologists who specialises in the area of parenting

adolescents and adolescent mental health.

It was a great privilege for us to have Professor Carol

Dweck address both staff and parents in August. Carol’s

premise is that our own mindset impacts on our learning.

If we have a fixed mindset, then we believe that our

intelligence and talent are fixed traits. A growth mindset

is based on the belief that dedication and the willingness

to work hard will result in success. People with a growth

mindset experience a sense of joy in the process or effort

of learning and demonstrate capacity for reflection

and also resilience. It is important to cultivate a growth

mindset from an early age and working with our

youngest Ruyton students represents a great opportunity

to cultivate an understanding of the impact of our

mindset at a formative time.

Ms Maree Crabbe spoke to us at the end of last year.

About 30 per cent of all internet traffic today is

pornography related.

It’s Time to Talk

was a ground-

breaking presentation on pornography, young people

and sexuality today. As parents, we’ve all heard the

stories: the student whose innocent Google search brings

up risqué images or pictures of young people in

compromising situations messaged around communities.

Maree highlighted the dangers of the newworld order

out there and suggested strategies we can all use to

respond to these issues. Maree is co-director/producer

of the SBS documentary,

Love and Sex in an Age of


a regular media commentator and the

founder of the Reality & Risk project with Dr David

Corlett, host of

Go Back to Where you Came From.

The POR also become a member of the Victorian Parents

Council and now attend Parent Network Group meetings

each termwith parent group representatives of other

non-government schools. They have the opportunity to

hear about developments in education and social issues

through guest speakers and presentations from host

schools. They are also able to share information with each

other regarding resources and updates which are then

disseminated within the school community. The POR

continue to post relevant information and links on the

Wednesday Weekly noticeboard - for example a link to

a new Instagram Guide for Parents developed by


The Parent Education series is just one example of

the wonderful ways in which the Ruyton community

continually support our School.

Virtual Library Pioneers Recognised

Members of our community will remember the launch of Ruyton’s Virtual Library

last year (

Ruyton Reporter

Spring 2014) a joint collaboration between Ruyton and

Mentone Girls’ Grammar School. I am delighted to announce that our School

Librarian, Mrs Julie Purcell and Mr David Feighan, Mentone’s Information and

Library Services Manager, have been named joint recipients of the School Library

Association of Victoria Innovator’s Grant 2014. Julie and David initiated and

established a shared eBook collection across the two schools that are not under

the same governing body – a ground-breaking enterprise in Victorian Schools.

This project is innovative as it leads the way in inter school co-operation to

enhance the schools’ collections, as well as providing a consortia model that

others can follow. It opens the way for shared literature-based teaching and

learning opportunities. Congratulations to Julie and to David on their

outstanding leadership and commitment to innovation and excellence.

Ms Linda Douglas

Education is for Everyone