The Ruyton Reporter - Autumn 2014 - page 9

Preparingour Students forToday
SchoolsacrossAustraliaareexploring the
implementationof an iPadprogramme inavariety
ofways, includingpilotprogrammesandBringYour
Own (BYO) devices. Toexecutea successful
implementation thereare twovital elementswhich
have todovetail together: the technological
infrastructureand teachers’ ability to integrate the
devices seamlessly into their learningprogrammes.
AtRuytonwehavebeen fortunate tohave the support
andexpertiseofDrChristopherKaropoulos, Systems
ManagerandAdministrator, toassistus in the roll outof
this technology. Inaddition, teachers spenta term last
year exploring thesedevices, undertakingprofessional
learningopportunities, andparticipating in
where teachers shared their learningandpromotedan
understandingof variousprogrammes. Theaimwas to
buildaprofessional learningcommunity that is
supportive, collaborative,with shared learningandan
establishednetworkof support. Both the infrastructure
and the learningcommunityhave tobe robustand
efficient tomeet the rigorousexpectationsofour
School community. Atall timeswearemindful of the
importanceof communication, consistentlyexploring
howwecan support thedemandsofour community.
Schoolshaveamoral obligation toequip their students
and staffwith the skills, attitudesandknowledge tobe
twenty-first centurycitizens. To thisendRuyton is
developing thecapacitywithin theSchool community
tobehave safely, thinkcriticallyandparticipate
responsibly indigital environments for eachgroupof
adults, teenagersandchildren. It isalsoessential to
ensureall devicesand teaching resources introducedare
sustainable, evidence informed, currentandengaging
for students.
Ruytonhas consultedCommonSenseMedia, anon-
profitorganisation from theUS, todevelop resources
arounddigital citizenshipand literacies. Theyprovide
the framework for the teachers touse in thecurriculum
and this, in turn, isawonderful opportunity forparents
to talk to their childrenabout thekeyconceptsofdigital
citizenship: respect, responsibilityand safety. A true
partnershipbetweenhomeand school isdeveloped,
andparentsareable to readilyunderstand thekey
messages theSchool seeks to impart. CommonSense
Mediaprovideuswithdigital passports, lessonplans,
one-to-onedeviceadvice,Graphite - a resourcewritten
by teachers for teachers - andother toolkits teachers
canusearoundgenderdifferencesdigitally. This
professional learningallows teachers toengage in
positiveandcreativeconversations, promoting
confidencearound the implementationanduseof these
digital devices.
Asweembed thekeyconceptsofdigital citizenship
wearemindful that theyneed tobeexplicitand
seamless, notanadd-onbutpartofnormal learning.
Thedevicebecomes invisible.Weare seeing thisalready
in the Junior School Inquiry-basedprogrammesand
inYears7and8 LEAP. Parents canbe reassured that,
inoffering this twenty-first century learningand
education,wearepreparingour students for todayand
tomorrow. Childrenandparentsalikeneed tohave
conversationsabout thevaluesofhowwe liveour lives
today. For youngpeople there isno separationbetween
onlineandoffline. Thedividebetween thedigitalworld
and the realworld isblurred. Youngpeopleneed to
understand thatwhen there isa screen in frontof them
andnoadultsaround, they still need tobehave ina
manner that is respectful, kind, responsible, safeand
ethical. The real testof yourmoral compass iswhat you
choose todowhennoone iswatchingyou, andwhen
adultsare lessvisible in thedigital livesof their children
it is challenging for them toguide their children in the
choices theymake.
Growingupdigital atRuyton isall aboutdevice
implementation, digital citizenshipeducationand
parentengagement.Wewill continue to focuson
feedback, reflections, professional learningand the
developmentof furtherprogrammes.Webelieve it
is important tomanage thesechanges inpolicy,
protocol, practicesandprogrammesandareable todo
sobyhaving the rightpeople in the rightplaceat the
right time.
Digital LearningConsultant
Digital Parenting
Aspartof theprogramme to support the
implementationofnewdigital devices, theSchool
sought to communicateand share information
effectivelywith the communitybya seriesof
parentworkshops. TheParentsOfRuyton (POR)
ran threeworkshops last year, all ofwhichwere
bookedoutwith largewaiting lists, indicating the
need to runmore sessions. The topicswere
What is
yourdaughterdoingonline? Navigating theDigital
LandscapewithaMoral CompassandDigital
Thisyear thePORare running further
workshops, andhands-onyear level group
discussions. Year level repshaveorganised
whereparents canconnectonan informal
basisand seekadvice from theSchool’sDigital
Mentors:Mr JulianMutton in the Junior School,
andMsSuePatterson in theSenior School. This is
agreatexampleofhow theparentbodycan
support theSchool andourdaughtersat such
a critical time.Here is someof the feedback from
Thedigital playgroundhasplayedahuge role in
amplifying the importanceof the social aspects
ofayoungperson’s life.
Very relevant content, easy tounderstandandalso
great commentary tohelpus feel empoweredas
parents to start valuable conversations.
Great content. I feelmore confidentalready.
Looking forward to thenext sessions. Thankyou.
Formore informationabout theseworkshops
pleasecontact thePORCo-Presidentson
Foranyconcernsyoumayhaveabout the
digital programmes contactMr JulianMuttonor
MsSuePattersonat theSchool.
MrsDonnaDi Bortoli,
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