The Ruyton Reporter - Autumn 2014 - page 8

Digital LearningWebsite
Aspartof theprogrammeof supportingour School community
aswe transition to twenty-first centurydigital citizenshipweare
triallinganewwebsite. Thiswebsite supports teachersand students
in theirown learning, and isanotherway tocommunicate ina safe
environment.Go to
whereyoucandownloadapplications for free, andexplorevideos
and relevant links.
Mr JulianMutton,
Digital LearningMentor, Junior School andELC
GrowingUpDigital atRuyton
Digital LearningMentor
‘Iwasattracted to the roleofDigital Learning
MentoratRuytonbecauseof theprogressive
natureofRuyton’s strategicplan. This iswhere
education isgoingand it is so important tobe
at the forefrontof this technology. I am really
excited tobeworkinghere.’
Julian,whobeganhis roleatRuytonat the
startof thisyear, hasa thoroughunderstanding
of thenew technologybeing introducedanda
passion toworkwith teachers, tocommunicate
with themandhelp them throughany
challenges thatmayarise.His role is tomentor
both studentsand teachersalike to facilitate
the implementationof thenew technology.
‘Themost importantpoint for teachers tograsp is toknowwhen touse the
programmeandhow toenhance their learningand thatof the students.’
Julianbelieveshis role, and thatof the teachers, is todevelopaculturewhich
ensures that students,whodisplayahigh level of engagement, learnhow to
become responsibledigital users. Theycanpickup the ‘how’ veryeasily, but they
need to thinkcriticallyabout the ‘why’ tobecomediscerningusersof technology.
Ruyton is looking forward. The internet ishere to stayandmaypresent challenges
butRuyton iswell positioned toensureour studentsareequipped todealwith this
newworld.Weare forward–thinking inourapproach todigital learningand the
opportunities itprovidesusas learners. The introductionof the iPadprogramme
to the Junior School thisyear isalreadyenablingourgirls tobecreative, critical
inquirersand thinkers.
‘I ambuildingupa strong rapportwithboth staff and students. As their
confidencegrowswewill securebetteroutcomesandadigital environment
which is stimulatingand safe.’
TheYear 5girlswereveryexcited last yearwhen theywereable toparticipate inaQ
andA sessionviaSkypewithDrKarl Kruszelnicki. Theyexplored theuseof adifferent
medium (wemadeeffectiveuseof an iPadandanAppleTV tomirror the iPad’s
display) tocommunicatewithavery talentedand interesting individualwhomaynot
havebeenavailable to them inother circumstances. Aswell asbeing theauthorof
over 30publishedbooks,DrKarl hasdegrees inPhysicsandMaths, Biomedical
Engineering,MedicineandSurgeryandhasworkedasaphysicist, tutor, film-maker, car
mechanic, labourer, andasamedical doctorat theChildren’sHospital inSydney.Most
notably, he isknown forhis regular televisionand radioappearances inwhichhis
ability toprovideaclearanswer toalmostany scientificquestionhasmadehimahit.
TheYear 5girlswere studyingan inquiry-basedunitonEnergy, and theycompileda
broad rangeofquestions forDrKarl.Hereare justa fewof thosequestions:
Whocameupwith theconceptofenergy?
Are solarpanelsworth theenergy it takes tocreateanddisposeof them?
Canwe stopglobalwarming?
If thermal energycomes fromheat,whatkindofenergycomes fromcold?
Is it true thatyoucanmakeelectricity fromurine?
Howhotdoes itgetbelow theground, and isgeothermal energyagoodway tomake
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