The Ruyton Reporter - Autumn 2014 - page 4

Foraweek inMarchRuytonEarly Learningwasa seaof
orangeaswecelebratedHarmonyDay.Officially thisday
is celebratedaroundAustraliaonFriday21March, and it is
adaywhenall Australians celebrate theirdiversity. Theday
isalso theUnitedNations InternationalDay for the
EliminationofRacialDiscrimination. AtRuytonEarly Learning
weareproudofour richcultural communityandwe
celebrated thiswith thechildren. Theyallworea touchof
orange, theuniversal colour forHarmonyDay.Manychildren
brought inanartefact fromhome thatwasparticular to their
culture. Thevarietyofartefactsondisplay showed thediverse
culturesembracedwithinour community; for instance
Scottishbull artefactswerebrought inbyHarryD, AbigailW
sharedaGreekbookandChristinaC showedusaChinese
Dragon. TheKindergartenchildrenalsomadeorange jelly to
celebrate theday.Ourparents joined in the festivities, helping
their childbyaddinganautumn leaf toourHarmonyTree in
the foyer,with theirnameswrittenon the leaf. Behind the
scenesour staff alsoparticipatedbybringing ina ‘mystery
dish’which represented their culture to sharewith the team
formorning tea.
Director Early Learning
Artist inResidenceProgramme
Next timeyouareoutside theEarly LearningCentrehavea lookat thewonderful
artworkondisplayby theoutdoor shed in theplaygrounddeveloped throughour
Artist-in-ResidenceProgramme.MsSueCalwell, a staffmemberalreadywell
known to thechildren, encouraged them to talkabout themselves ingroup
discussions. She thenasked them todraw self-portraits, and transferred these
drawings toPVCpipingas themainmedium for theartwork.Next, Suehada
discussionwith thechildrenaboutflags, and theirpurpose. Thechildrenwere
thenasked tocreateadesign for theirownflag,which represented them in some
way. Thesedesignswerealso transferred to thePVCpiping.
During this learningexperience thechildrenhad to thinkof an idea themselves
and then sketch itout; theyusedanewmedium–acrylicpaint – for theartwork
andalsohad tomasterfinebrushes inorder toexecute theirdrawings. Sue’suse
of PVCpipingwasapt,withour focuson sustainabilityand recycling. Itwasa
novel idea–oneoutof thebox!
Directorof Early learning
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