The Ruyton Reporter - Autumn 2014 - page 11

TheShowmust goon
In thespring lastyearMrPaul Smithandseveral teachers
accompaniedagroupofYear8s, 9sand 10sona
spectacularmusic tourofEurope. Thepurposeof the
tourwas toenhanceperformingopportunities for
thegirls, butalso tohelp themachieve independenceby
beingaway fromhomeand taking responsibility for
themselves. Ruytonspecified theamountof
performances requiredandClubEurope facilitated
access tovariousvenuesandprovided tourguides for
eachcountryvisitedon theprogramme.
Awide rangeof venueswasselected: for instance the
girlsperformedatDisneylandandat LaMadeleine
Church inParis; onacruiseshipon theThamesandat
Regent’sPark inLondon; inachurchatasmall town in
theTuscanyhills, Italy,where thewhole towncameout
tohear thegirlssing, and in theMirabellGardens in
The repertoirewasextensive toaccommodate the large
varietyof venuesand includedsacredmusic,musicsung
at theOpeningCeremonyof theOlympics, popmusic
andAustralian favourites.
Asaprerequisite for the tour thegirlshad tohavebeen
involved inoneof thechoirsatSchool. Theyspentall
year rehearsing, and thiswas inaddition toanyother
groups inwhich theyparticipated.Girlsauditioned to
singsoloson the tour, accompaniedby thechoir.
The tourwasvaluableas itgave thegirlsagoal tostrive
for in their rehearsing. Italso illustrated to themhow
demandingaperformance tour is, andhow important
it is todisplay resiliencewhen required toperformevery
day. Aswith thesaying,
the showmustgoon,
demonstratedhowcapable theywereofachieving this
andhow theywereable toperformwithgreatfinesse!
MrPaul Smith,
Appreciatingyour Surroundings
MusicTour 2013was formeanexperience I shall
never forget: from the friendswemade, to the
peoplewemet, and thecultureweexperienced.
London,UK, ourfirstdestinationandPerformance
One inRegent’sParkwasachallenge,withwinds
blowingeverythingandeverybodyaround - even
turningapagewashard! Themostmemorable
performance in LondonwasatMoorHouse, the
schoolwevisited.Wewere searching forabig
buildingandovals, butwe stoppedatwhat looked
likea small townhouse. All the students therewere
sowelcomingand their interpretationsof the
typical Aussieaccentwereveryaccurate! Paris, our
seconddestination,was staggeringlybeautiful and
I felt the real energyof theplace. Everybuilding
looked like itwasmade foraqueen.Weall enjoyed
visitingParisDisneyland too.My favouriteplacewe
visitedwasAustria.DELETEwhere thepeople
looked sohappy.Wevisitedacastle thereby
funicular railway, and itwas remarkableas itwas
theonlyplacewherewecouldgetwi-fi inAustria!
Italywaswonderful, especially the intricate
networkof canals inVenice.Oneof themost
valuable lessons I learnton thisTourwas theneed
toappreciateyour surroundings, as itall goes so
quickly. Beforeyouknow it youareback inAustralia
andyou realisehow luckyyouwere tohavehad this
wonderful opportunity.
Year8 (2013)
TheExperienceofa Lifetime
MusicTour 2013 reallywas theexperienceof a
lifetime. All theamazingmemorieswill staywith
me forever. Wewere luckyenough tovisit famous
landmarksandattractions, suchas the LondonEye,
theEiffel Tower, BuckinghamPalace, theRoyal
AlbertHall and theoriginalHardRockCafe! But
beforeweexperiencedall of this,wehad togetout
of thecountry. I can remember thenerves running
throughmybodyasweembarkedonour journey
andkissedour familiesgoodbye,wavingat them
untilwecould see themnomore.Ourfirst
destinationwas London.WeperformedatRegent’s
Park, ourfirstperformance, and itwasamazing. I
remember seeingpeople’s smilesas theywalked
pastand, in thatmoment, I realisedwhatall the
hardworkand rehearsalshadall been for. In total
weperformedat 10 fantasticconcerts: from the
beautiful Strasbourg toSalzburg, to stunning
Franceand then towonderful Italy.Wevisited the
StrasbourgCathedral,wentonagondola, had
gelato inVenice, visited the saltmines inSalzburg,
broughtoutour inner childatEuroDisney, visited
countlesshistorical buildingsandadmired the
architecture; didenoughwalking to lasta lifetime,
ateatbeautiful restaurantswithpasta that could
winoveranybody’s tastebuds, bought suitcases
worthof shopping, took thousandsofpictures, had
in-the-bus jam sessionsandperformedourhearts
out - the list couldgoon forever. This triphas
wonderfulmemories thatwewill never forget.
Year8 (2013)
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