The Ruyton Reporter - Autumn 2014 - page 10

‘We’llnailour colours to themast’
Haveyouever thoughtaboutwhy theYear 12 leadersnail
theircolours to themast?Youonlyneed to recall the
wordsof theSchool song in thesecondverse to
understand itsorigin:
‘Nomatter ifwe’reonce surpassed,
We’llnail our colours to themast,
Theblueandgoldmustwinat last
It is for this reason thatYear 12choosesacolour to
represent theiryear level, andnails thiscolour to themast
as theysail through thechoppywatersofYear 12.Despite
thechallenges theymay face theyemerge triumphantat
OurYear 12 leaders thisyeararenoexception to thefine
groupof leadersRuytonhasseen throughout itshistory.
AtanAssemblyat theendofFebruaryallourYear 12girls
were inductedas leadersof theSchool, andourCo-
Captains, Shalini PonnampalamandLaurenSibree,made
somepertinent remarks toexplain theirchoiceof colour
andmotto thisyear.
This isanextract from their speech:
‘Thefirstwordwehavechosen, aword thatwewill strive
to leadby in thecomingyear is ‘sincerity’- thequalityof
beingopenand truthful.With thisqualityweaim tobase
ouractionsand intentionsonourowngenuinepassion,
whether it isasan individual oragroup, facingalldecisions
withanopenmind.Wehope thatouractionswill embody
thewarmthandkindness sincerity inspires, projecting the
truepersonalityofwhoweareasayear level, andwhat
webelieve in.Wehope to leavea living legacyof theclass
of2014, asweactby thewillingnessandopennessof the
humanheart…Webelieve ‘zest’ is thefire, thepassion,
enthusiasmandenergybehindour intentionsandactions.
Withour zest,weaspire to inspire the school.Wehope to
be infectiously spirited, tobe rememberednotonly for
whatwedo, buthowwedo it…Tocomplementourwords
‘sincerityandzest’, ouryear level isdetermined toembrace
theyearwith thewarmthof thecolour, flame. Indifficult
times, orange, orflame is said toofferemotional strength;
providinguswith theability to recover from
disappointments, assistingus tonotonlybounceback, but
tobounce forward. Flame radiateswarmthand theclassof
2014aims to reflect this, upliftingand rejuvenating the
spiritsofRuyton throughourpositiveoutlookandwithour
ownflame, thecolourof creativityandambition… We,
theclassof2014, pledge to leadwith sincerity, zestandour
ownfieryflamewhich servesasa fuel, empoweringus
withdetermination, optimismand thoughtfulness
strengthening theYear 12sasan inseparableunit.’
TheAnatomyofa Leader
‘A leader’s earsareopenandwilling tohear
the ideasofothersand recognise thegreat
value that these contributionshave to the
team. Thevoiceofa leader isnotnecessarily
the loudest, but it is effective in
communicatingwithand inspiringothers
to takeaction. A leaderhasa funnybone
and is friendlyandapproachable.However,
theyhave the thick skin required tobe
resilient in timesof crisis inorder to lead
their team toa resolution. A leader’s eyes
donotdiscriminate– theyareable to see
thepotential ineachandevery team
member. Finally, a leader’sheart is
compassionateand selfless. Itdesires the
bestnot for themselves, but for thepeople
they lead.’
Pearl Paguio,
Year 12
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