autumn 2013
Ruyton Gymnasts in New Zealand
A team of Ruyton’s rhythmic gymnasts travelled to New Zealand to
compete in the 2012 Shore Championships. For many it was their first
experience in an international competition, competing against strong
teams from New Zealand and Australia.
The team was made up of international-stream gymnasts Lucinda
Church and Thu Luu; and national-level gymnasts Katie Lutze, Bianca
Chau, Joanna Cookson and Erika Daher.
Thu Luu was awarded International Level 6 All Around Champion and
two gold and one silver apparatus medals, while Erika Daher achieved
Level 8 3rd All Around and two silver apparatus medals. All girls showed
extraordinary improvements leading up to the competition and
managed to perform on the international stage with great presence,
ensuring Ruyton was extremely well represented. Former Ruyton
students Bianca Strugnell (’11) and Emma Tankovich (Taylor ’95) were
the team coaches and were very proud of the girls, particularly those
who were performing in their first competition outside Australia.
Mrs Emma Tankovich,
Team Coach
Junior School House Swimming
The girls in Years 4, 5 and 6 participated in their annual House Swimming Sports in February.This event is much
anticipated and the girls love the opportunity to compete.The day involved individual races, relays and novelty
events. All girls were very well behaved considering the very hot conditions for sleep on the previous night and also
the humid conditions during the event.The occasion was enjoyed by all girls and the large number of spectators.
The results were Lascelles 1st, Daniell 2nd, Anderson 3rd, and Bromby 4th.
Congratulations to the Lascelles Captains, Annabelle Doan, Emily Gove, Kathryn Hannebery and all the Lascelles
girls.Well done to the Captains and all the girls of the other Houses; Anderson Captains, Pippa Cadywould, Indigo
Calhaem, Emily Mitchell and Sophie Tadgell; Bromby Captains, Isabel Dartnell, Lucy Dillon, Alice Fox, and Madeline
Gordon; Daniell Captains, Sophia Campagna, Olivia Harper, Mariam Kassaby and Jessica Tran. Everyone did a terrific
job representing their House, supporting and encouraging one another and helping the teachers.
Mrs Angela Allen,
House Co-ordinator and PE teacher
Emerging Talent