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Story Time
Once upon a time/A long-ish while ago/Well, actually before most girls in this room were
born/A girl named Kim Crow/First started at Ruyton.’
Following Kim Crow’s outstanding achievement at the London Olympics in 2012, winning
both a silver and a bronze medal in rowing, Ruyton decided to invite Kim back to an
Assembly for Years Prep - 8 to share with them her journey. Mrs Louisa Burbury, current
Head of Sport, and Kim’s former sports teacher, told the story. She mentioned how Kim
turned her love of running into representing Ruyton at Cross Country; how she was such a
remarkable young athlete that she was invited to carry the Olympic torch for the Sydney
games; how she once finished in second place behind Jana Pitman Rawlinson and
how Kimwas also Dux of Ruyton for her academic studies.
When she came back to Melbourne/Ms Douglas invited Kim to a special assembly at
Ruyton/The girls and staff were so proud of Kim/and they clapped and cheered very LOUDLY.’
For the next instalment of this exciting story please check back in 2016 after the Rio de
Janeiro Olympics!
Mrs Louisa Burbury,
Head of Sport
Twilight Sports
In the Olympic year of 2012 it
was wonderful to see the
enthusiasm for sport
demonstrated by all of our
students. This was no more
apparent than at the Twilight
Sports for the Prep to Year 2 in
November 2012. There was such
concentration on the faces of
the Years 1 and 2 as they leapt
over the hurdles; all girls
expressed great determination
as they sprinted down the 80
metre straight; and we all held
our breath as the Preps
participated in the novelty
races, carefully balancing a
bean bag on the back of their
hand. The highlight of the
evening was when the
Principal, Ms Douglas, was
invited to participate in the
Parents and Special Friends’
race, and her former
gymnastics glory was surely an
asset as she perfected her new
skill, that of jumping with a ball
between her legs. As always,
the Twilight Sports was an
evening of celebration, with
parents joining together for an
end-of-year picnic with their
Mrs CarolynWalkley,
PE teacher
Olympian Feats
Mrs Louisa Burbury,Ms Kim Crow and Mr Steve Ellinghaus,Athletics Head Coach