the ruyton reporter
Extending our Horizons
Scientific Conundrums
This term in the Junior School science lab the Year 1
students have been very busy with their scientific
experiments on basic food chemistry. The girls have
studied a unit called
Spot the Difference,
focusing on
simple physical and chemical changes to food.We have
learned about reversible and irreversible changes and
have made predictions about the changes that occur
when different foods are heated and cooled.The girls
were particularly fascinated while observing chocolate
slowly melt and equally enjoyed tasting it! They have
also explored the properties of uncooked spaghetti,
while making towers using spaghetti and
marshmallows. Definitely Marie Curies in the making!
Year 2 has been studying a unit called
Push or Pull,
focusing on forces and movement.We have
learned about floating and sinking, comparing the
upthrust of water with the downward pull of
gravity. In this particular lesson we made paper
and aluminium foil boats, testing how many
marbles each could hold before they sank.
Mr Ross Baker,
Science teacher, Prep-Year 5
The Year 3 students have been studying a unit
Heating Up.
We have investigated the way a
range of different materials behave when they are
heated and have learned that some materials are
particularly good at conducting heat. In this
lesson, the girls were comparing different
methods for speeding up the rate at which ice
melts outside on a warm afternoon.
Golden Days!
During the final weeks of Term 4, 65 Year 5 students
had the unique experience of travelling back in time
to the goldfields of the 1850s. As part of their Year 5
Expanding Horizons programme the girls attended
school in Sovereign Hill.There they took on the roles
of students of that era - wearing the cumbersome
clothes, completing the set lessons and assuming
the manners expected of young girls at that time.
Their teachers, too, had to ‘look the part’, much to the
amusement of the girls.Writing in ink, learning how
to do cross-stitch, reciting poems ‘off by heart’ and
being tested on their 16 times tables were just some
of the authentic tasks they undertook – with varying
degrees of success! The classes were also introduced
to some important citizens of that time: the school
teachers, Sir and Ma’am, the priest and the doctor, all
of whom seemed more than a little scary!
The Year 5 girls survived their time at the ‘olden days’
school, and also learnt much about the gold rush era
by visiting all parts of the town and attending the
spectacular Sound and Light Show. From there the
students went on to stay at Narmbool, a working
farm outside Ballarat, where they saw sheep being
sheared, met a bird of prey and went on a 10km hike.
Year 5 Camp 2012 will undoubtedly stand out in the
memory of all the students who attended, as a very
special time full of fun, friends … and facts.
Miss Brigitte Hook and Ms Helen Tait,
Year 5 teachers