the ruyton reporter
Opportunities for our Early Learners
Specialist Programmes
We are very fortunate to be able to use the services of many teachers
who are on campus, teaching in either the Junior or Senior School here at
Ruyton. Mrs Rebecca Barker, Director of Music in the Junior School, has
already started her programme in the ELC, allowing the kindergarten
children to become familiar with music and expand their love of music
and movement. After four weeks, the children are ready to embark on
the journey to the Centre for Creativity in the Junior School, where they
participate ‘hands-on’ with instruments such as drums, and enjoy
singing simple songs and dancing.
Madame Françoise Foster comes on Mondays to visit the Pre Prep
children. She spends half an hour engaging them in French language
activities, such as games, and introducing colours and greetings in
French. We often hear ‘Bonjour Madame’ as they greet Madame Foster,
and ‘Je marche’ as they walk around singing in French.
At the beginning of the year we make sure that the Pre Preps explore the
School grounds.They are fascinated to visit the areas where ‘the big girls
study and learn’ and this first walk is affectionately known as ‘Roaming
Ruyton’. In the Junior School they become familiar with the music room
in the Centre for Creativity and the Library, spaces they will visit for their
specialist activities.We also take them to visit the fairy tree (Moreton
Bay Fig) next to the oval, well-known to the Ruyton community as a
magical and exciting place.The Kindergarten children make the same
journey, but we wait until they are more settled in their new
environment, towards the end of Term 1.
Ms Karina Buttler,
Director of the Early Learning Centre
Meet and Greet
An important part of the Early Learning programme is our meet and greet
sessions, run at the beginning of the School year for our new kindergarten
students. Starting kindergarten is a positive experience if we support our
students correctly in the process. In the Early Learning Centre the children are
introduced to their new environment in groups of five, and parents are invited
to stay for the 45 minute play session. Staff are able to get to know each child
and to help them explore their new learning space. The following week children
come to orientation sessions and stay for half days, in a group half the size of
their regular group. Finally, in the following week, children come to Ruyton Early
Learning for whole days, by which time, generally, they are acclimatised and
settle really well. Our staff are always on hand to answer questions and to be a
comforting presence if any child does show anxiety in these early days.
Ms Karina Buttler,
Director of the Early Learning Centre