the ruyton reporter
Mrs Charlotte Anderson opened Ruyton as a school
for girls at her home, 61 Bulleen Rd, now High Street
South, in 1878. She endeavoured to employ the best
teachers from those early days, setting the
foundation for the sound scholarship that has
continued through to today.We know that sport,
drama and music also played an important role in
the early life of the school, although it was
determined that Ruyton girls would never be
unladylike enough to play cricket! While we are
unsure of Mrs Anderson’s true vision for her school,
we do know that she was well-educated and a
woman of great courage and determination who
saw the education of girls as a priority. The Ruyton
of today is a very different school to the one that
started in Mrs Anderson’s house but the culture
of scholarship, participation and inclusion has
not changed.
As a school community we congratulate our
Year 12 students on their excellent VCE results.
Their outstanding efforts placed Ruyton 8th in the
top ten schools in the state for 2012. 59% of students
attained an ATAR score greater than 90. Natasha
Kotsimbos(Dux), Ali Bethune,Tallulah Butcher, Jenny
Guo, Michelle He, Jenny Li, Lucinda Loane, Maddison
Nash and RylieWallace all achieved ATAR scores over
accounting for 12% of our student cohort. Perfect
study scores of 50 were achieved by Michelle He,
Emma Jamieson, RylieWallace and Shu Xi Wang
in Further Mathematics, Michelle Hu in Business
Management, Natasha Kotsimbos in Literature,
Saskia McEldowney in Physical Education, Maddison
Nash in Economics, EdwardWang from Trinity in
Music Performance, and Betty Xiong in Mathematical
Methods. Congratulations to each of these students
on their outstanding achievements. All of our girls
received a tertiary offer and 60% received their first
preference. These results reflect the talent and hard
work of our girls but also the quality teaching,
counselling processes, support from families,
and the focus on development of our girls as
independent young women.
Website Update
At the end of last year Ruyton launched its new
website. The updated site includes a multimedia
gallery, a blog, and an events calendar. There is now
a facility for parents to pay fees online, and for new
parents to make an enrolment online. This is a result
of a project undertaken by the Development Office
in conjunction with Lava Digital. Please visit
Ms Bev Casey
In 1985, fresh from overseas travel and five years
teaching in Australia and England, the young
Ms Bev Casey joined the Ruyton staff. She
was employed by Miss Margaret McRae to
teach Senior Chemistry and General Science.
Bev’s passion for Science was clearly evident from
those early days at Ruyton. In her application letter
she emphasised that
I believe all students should
be aware that Science is not only interesting and
enjoyable, but it is also very important in terms of
their future lifestyles … Students need to have a clear
understanding of scientific principles gained through
a relevant and rigorous academic programme, so that,
as informed citizens, they can make decisions that
affect our society’.
As a teacher Bev pursued
excellence in all scholastic endeavours, with
her students consistently achieving excellent
results in HSC/ VCE Chemistry.
Bev’s outstanding organisational abilities were soon
noticed by Mrs Prue Gillies and by 1988 she was
appointed Extra Curricular Co-ordinator. In 1991 she
was appointed Senior Teacher, Organisation, and in
Bev became the Director of Curriculum and
Professional Development, joining the Senior
Management Team, now known as the School
Executive Team. In this role she took responsibility for
timetabling and co-ordination of co-curricular
activities across the School, in addition to overseeing
formulation, implementation and evaluation of
curriculum and professional development policies,
co-ordination of curriculum practice, assessment
policy and reporting procedures. In 1995 this role
developed into her current role as Director of Studies.
Bev truly lived the Ruyton motto of
Recte et Fideliter.
She has been upright and faithful in her approach
to her work and to life and, as a result her collegiality
and friendship, has been respected by those who
have had the privilege to work with her. At Ruyton
she has provided the point of constancy at senior
level over more than 20 years. As Principals changed,
Bev ensured that the processes, traditions and
essential elements of Ruyton stayed true. This
ensured the School maintained its reputation
as a high achieving school of academic excellence,
where girls achieved their personal best and also
the culture of participation, commitment and
support has remained strong.
Bev has been an outstanding teacher and
administrator. More than this, Bev has lived and
breathed the life that is Ruyton. She has been a
regular at the wide array of concerts, performances
and sporting events, always supporting our girls and
often recognising the efforts of the quiet achiever.
Perhaps that was because she too was the quiet
achiever, someone who got on and did the job,
always trying to avoid the accolades and recognition
that came with success. Her work at Ruyton has
benefitted the education of hundreds of young
women. The timing of her retirement was an
example of her meticulous planning and
thoughtfulness. By retiring at the end of Term 1
she ensured that the timetable for 2013, her 22nd
timetable, was well-settled. She also spent the
term completing a thorough handover to Ms Lindy
Broadfoot, the incoming Director of Studies.
She passed on lists, timelines, procedures and
schedules to appropriate members of staff to ensure
that her well-organised systems to support learning
and teaching and the culture of the School
On behalf of the Ruyton community I thank Bev
Casey for her outstanding contribution to the
excellence that is Ruyton. The School is a richer
learning environment thanks to her long term
commitment and care. So, in her 29th year, after
four Principals, 22 timetables, hundreds of students
and colleagues, and more chocolate than you
could ever believe possible, we wish Bev Casey
every happiness in her retirement. There is a saying
Don’t strive to make your presence noticed, just
make your absence felt’. Unintentionally, Bev Casey
has also achieved this.We miss her already.
Ms Linda Douglas,
From the Study
On our cover:
The Ruyton/Trinity Co-ordinate Programme celebrates 20 years
From top:
Ms Linda Douglas
Ms Linda Douglas with Natasha Kotsimbos,Dux 2012
Mr Brad Nelsen,Assistant Principal and Head of Junior School,
Ms Linda Douglas,Principal and Mrs Glenis Gumley,Deputy
Principal and Head of Senior School
This year we recognise
years of excellence at
Ruyton and 20 years of the
Co-ordinate Programme
between Ruyton and Trinity.