Reunion of the 1930 – 1961 alumni Saturday 20 October 2012
Front Row:
Ann Dixon (Mccall) 1955,Vera Bowen (Fawcett) 1943,Felicitas Evert (Dreiheller) 1943,
Betty Huston 1941,Barbara Thompson (Henty-Wilson) 1949, Jean Stanway (Berry) 1950,Helen England
Lorraine Kirwan (Dumbrell) 1948, Jocelyn Barrett (Kirk) 1947
Second Row:
IsabelleWilkey (Patterson) 1955,Helen Bogdan (Bair) 1957,Sally Buckner (Latham) 1957,
Sonia McDermott (Woinarski) 1956,Patricia Findlay (Edwards) 1956, Janet Webster (Dickinson) 1956,
Elizabeth Brown (Wellwood) 1954,Marjorie Blyth (Morrison) 1952,Trudi McKay (Abson) 1952,
Anthea Mollison (Culpan) 1958,Wendy Hewitt (McKerrell) 1958,Helen MacDonald (Wildenburg) 1959,
In foreground) Margaret Myers (Campbell) 1949,Lynette Gates (Hilton-Wood) 1949
Third Row:
Janet Andrews (Darby) 1957,JenniferWilson (Watson) 1960,Marion Searles (Browne) 1957,
Ann Mickelson (Townsend) 1955,Joan Hall (Manley) 1955,WendyWard (Fenton) 1955,Diane Rau (Mahony)
Margaret Norton (Gamble) 1949,Margaret Dayton (Webster) 1949,Patricia Heath (Luxton) 1950
Fourth Row:
Margaret Andrewartha (Douglas) 1955, Jennifer Schunke (Levick) 1960,Helen Grainger
Kitson) 1960, Jennifer Owen (Pullman) 1957,Heather Jobling (Mason) 1959,Susan Reynolds
Parkinson) 1959,Kay Francis (Wolstenholme) 1960,Elaine Hutchinson (Chipper) 1960, Jennifer Yates
Harvey) 1961,Gaye Lenehan (Ellis) 1960,Barbara Taylor (Simpson) 1947,Ann Purnell (Schlesinger) 1948,
Judith Constable 1958,Beverley Bencina (Cook) 1957, Julie Yates (Harvey) 1961,Catherine Harkin 1961,
Judith Cooke 1959,Megan McCallum (Jacobs) 1959, Janet Walker (Brock) 1956,Elizabeth Brown
Wellwood) 1954, Jane Teasdale 1957
Reunion of the 1962 alumni Saturday 13 October 2012
Reunion Attendees:Sue A’Beckett (Vautier),Margot Anders (Walker), Joan Balfour (Ditty),Andrea
Barcaroli (Jeffery),Susan Boeham (Zimbler),Trish Bradley (Townsend),Heather Bradley (Inglis),
Sue Carr (Franklin), Judith Caughey (Moore),Pamela Davis-Jones (Main),Lorna Ebringer (Sacks),
Julia Ellis (Gardiner),Catherine Furphy (Anderson), Jan Grindon-Ekins (Farthing), Jane Haygarth
Gilmour),Heather Ingpen (Colborne),Helen Jonas (Fewtrell),Carol Kee (Gay),Katharine Kozlowski
Bakewell),Diana Lord (Hodgson),Margaret Lucas (Swan),Libby Marsden (Quarterman),Sally Mirams
Edgerton),PamMoore,Anne Ogier (Hedley),Barbara Pearce (Bower),Robyn Quigley (Wardrop),
Margaret Quinlan (James),Elizabeth Ramsden (Lowe), Jo Roberts (Biddle),Sherri Robertson (Wines),
Catherine Robinson (Parkinson), Margot Ryan (Backhouse),Terry Usher (Reuss),Louise Utter (Foletta),
AngelaWatson (Hutchinson),AdriaWoinarski
spring 2012
Coincidently Caroline
Longstanding Art teacher Joan Gough would have been
amused to know that two of her students, almost 20 years
apart – coincidently both with the name Caroline –
Caroline Purves
Caroline Field
in taking up
Art Administration and Curatorship as their individual
careers, would eventually come together to work on a
major curatorial project at the same art establishment –
the renowned Australian Galleries in Collingwood,
Joan Gough, who died in her 90s,
Ruyton Reporter Autumn
was a visionary if unconventional teacher, and a
formative influence on many of the girls who attended her
classes. In the cases of both Caroline Purves and Caroline
Field, she was held in high esteem for the guidance and
encouragement she passed on to them, and in particular
for her uncanny ability to plant seeds of creative
possibilities in order to extend their ideas to the full.
Caroline Purves commenced work at Australian Galleries
in 1960 to assist her parents,Tam and Anne Purves. Later
she was employed at TAA, and returned to gallery work at
the Bonython Galleries in Sydney and then the John Gill
Galleries in Perth. Following a career in retail for nearly 20
years, Caroline was re-employed by her brother, Stuart
Purves, National Director of Australian Galleries, to
maintain the comprehensive volume of archival material
as a historical resource.Three generations of the Purves
family have collated over 50 years’worth of information
relating to artists, their work and respective exhibitions.
Caroline Field also has an extensive knowledge of
Australian Art, and is directly involved in its assessment,
documentation, valuation and presentation. Her
previously-held positions include Director of the City
of Horsham Regional Gallery, and Manager/Curator of
the Museum of Art, Deakin University, where she was
responsible for the selection, acquisition and exhibition
of significant works by historical and contemporary
Australian artists. She became founding manager of the
University’s two galleries: the Stonington Stables Museum
of Art,Toorak campus and the ICONMuseum of Art,
Burwood campus, Melbourne.
The joint project on which they are now working
is the production of a comprehensive publication
detailing the history of Australian Galleries and its
contribution to the development of Australian Art,
due to be published in 2016 to coincide with the
gallery’s 60th Anniversary.
Strive to do the best you can
Always have an open mind and strive to do the best you
can.You never know where it might lead!’
This is sage advice from
Louise Farnworth
who has
always been interested in issues relating to
marginalisation and social justice. She became the first
Occupational Therapist in Australia to work in a prison
with forensic psychiatry patients (those who are
mentally ill and have committed a criminal offence) at
Pentridge in Victoria. Louise completed her first degree
in Occupational Therapy, followed by a Masters degree
in Criminology at the University of Melbourne. She joined La Trobe University School of
Occupational Therapy in 1982 and also has a PhD from the University of Southern
California on the time use and subjective experience of young offenders. In 2005
Louise moved to Monash University as the inaugural Head of the Department of
Occupational Therapy. At Monash she has been involved in the setting up of a new
Bachelor of Occupational Therapy at Princess Nora University in Saudi Arabia. Louise
has been recognised by the professional association for her significant contribution to
occupational therapy in Australia.
Waving your Scarf
Hannah Colman
a Bachelor of Multimedia
Media Studies) from
Swinburne University,
and has worked in
hospitality and as a
freelance writer for
the past 10 years. In 2010,
after volunteering with
the young refugee
community, Hannah
co-founded a not-for-
profit social enterprise
called Scarf. Scarf
provides hospitality training and mentoring to young people who face barriers to
work. Scarf Monday Night Dinners happen in borrowed Melbourne restaurants,
where diners enjoy a two-course meal cooked by professional chefs, and served by
front-of-house trainees as they practise their new skills and increase their
confidence. For more details go to