the ruyton reporter
Professor Adrienne Clarke
was appointed
Chancellor of La Trobe University in February 2011.
Professor Clarke is a former chairman of CSIRO and
Lieutenant Governor of Victoria, and has sat on various
boards, as well as being the director of a number of
public companies. She was invited to be a member of
the Prime Minister’s Science and Engineering Council
and to serve on the Victorian Business Round Table. Her
scientific work includes an insightful study into the
biochemistry and genetics of flowering plants and she
is the author of four major scientific books on cell
biology, genetics and chemistry. Professor Clarke is a
Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science, the
Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and
Engineering, a Foreign Associate of the National
Academy of Sciences (USA), a Foreign Member of the
American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and a Fellow of
Janet Clarke Hall in Melbourne. In 1991 Professor Clarke
was made an Officer of the Order of Australia and a
Companion of the Order in 2004.We were fortunate to
hear Professor Clarke when she addressed the girls at
Senior School Assembly in 2012.
Pamela Taylor
Kelly ’59) is returning to live in
Melbourne to be closer to family, after being actively
involved in the local community at Torquay.
The Ruyton community is grateful to
Briar Gough
for the donation of artwork from her mother’s estate to
the Ruyton Art Collection. Joan Gough taught Art at
Ruyton from 1954-1979 and some of these donated
items will be used in specific fund-raising activities.
Nicole Siemensma
gave birth to a beautiful
baby boy, Xavier Andy
Kenigsvalds, on 15 October
Nicole is currently on
maternity leave before she
returns to work as a lawyer
in October.
Sophie Robson joined SEW as a volunteer nutritionist
before becoming a project manager. Her studies in
nutrition meant that Sophie was able to teach the
women in Arusha about good, basic nutrition, essential
to maintain their health while living with HIV. Sophie
spent three months working alongside these sewing
mamas in Arusha,Tanzania, and said she was humbled
to be working there, after hearing their heart-
wrenching stories.
For more information about SEW, and how
you can make a difference, please like SEW
and visit
where there is also
a link to the blog Sophie wrote while in Tanzania.
Sophie is also happy to answer any questions about
SEW or to give a presentation if you email her on
After learning of the importance of Community service
during my thirteen years at Ruyton, once I had finished
school I really wanted to continue that community
work overseas …’
Supporting + EmpoweringWomen (SEW) is a not-for-
profit NGO that employs HIV+ women to sew recycled
carry bags and conference bags in Arusha,Tanzania.
It was founded in 2008 by Melbourne University Law
students, Jessie Smith and Dennis Carney, and involves
a number of Melbourne University alumni, including
former Ruyton students, Sophie Robson (’03), Emma
Purdue (’01) and Sophie Purdue (’09). SEW is made up
of two companies – SEWTanzania and SEW Australia.
SEWTanzania oversees the production of the bags and
employs the women on a very generous wage. SEW
Australia is the import arm of this business, and
markets the bags in Australia and around the world.
Clients of SEW have included the Bill and Melinda Gates
Foundation, Oxfam and theWorld Food Programme.
SEW – the bag Supporting and EmpoweringWomen
Bec Colman
been living in the
United Kingdom since
Bec works in
Client Management at
Sotheby’s Auction
House.The Colman
family travelled to the
UK and Europe in 2010
for Bec’s wedding with
James Morgan, which
took place in Artimino,
Italy. Her bridesmaids
included three old
Ruytonians, her sister,
Hannah Colman
Georgina Lewis
Julia Tucker
Kathryn Rosenow
Kyriakides ’96) is
working as an
Operations Analyst at
CGU Insurance and was
married last year.
It is with great sadness that the Ruyton community
notes the passing of Mrs Trixie Phillips on 24 July 2012.
Trixie held a strong belief in her local Hawthorn
community and was a very supportive and involved
parent at Ruyton.
Staff News
The Director of Early
Michael Graham by
Foreshore in Ballarat
in January.
In December
Emma Chisholm,
Junior School
teacher, married
Jon Perrett.
During the September holidays 2012
Madame Pam
Dean of French, was married to John Hancock.
Ryan Moodie
in our Maintenance Department was
thrilled when Carly accepted his proposal of marriage
on the Great Ocean Road in September 2012.
Ms Jane Summers,
Music teacher, and Dave Versteegen
celebrated the arrival of JamesWilliam in October 2012.
Inside the Whitehouse
Fairy Twinkletoes (
Melanie Michaels
is now a
regular visitor to theWhite House,Washington DC,
where she performs at their annual Easter Egg Roll.
On this occasion Melanie was invited
House where she met the Obama family, including Bo,
the First Dog. Melanie works as a children’s entertainer
and magician and you can find out more at
News of Former Students & Staff