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The Foundation
Come and help us
Celebrate 135 years of Ruyton!
We are excited to announce that there will be a Ruyton Ball
this year and all members of the community, past and present,
are invited.
Save the date! Please put
Saturday 31 August
in your diary
and dust off your dancing shoes.
Look out on Facebook (Ruyton Girls’ School - Kew) for the announcement of the theme!
If you would like more details, or to be posted an invitation,
please contact
Ms Tonya Peters,
Director of Development, on
9290 9318.
To help with the preparations, to donate an item or experience to be used for
fundraising, or to become a sponsor, please contact Mrs Nikki Wilson (McClure ’86),
Chair of the Ball Committee, on
Making a real difference
In 2008 the Parents of Ruyton (POR) established the
Ruyton Community Scholarship.This Scholarship
provides an opportunity for talented girls from
disadvantaged backgrounds to attend our School.
The recipient receives an exceptional education which
opens the door to myriad academic and co-curricular
The Ruyton Community Scholarship has been made
possible through the generosity of the POR,
individuals in the Ruyton Community and local
businesses. In 2012
North Projects
contributed through
their Giving Back initiative. As a company they abide
by the principle that giving something back is just
as important as being a commercial success. It is
important to them to make a positive difference in
the lives of people in their community.We are most
grateful for their generosity in supporting the POR
and the Ruyton Community Scholarship.
Samerawit Tsagaye (’12)
was the first recipient of the
Ruyton Community Scholarship. It is the intention of
the Ruyton Foundation that another eligible student
from a disadvantaged background will be awarded
this life-changing opportunity with the help of the
Ruyton Community Scholarship in 2014. In a very
candid letter Samerawit discloses her experience
and tells us what is next.
I’mwriting to say thank you for the wonderful opportunity
for me to attend Ruyton. Here is a little of my story.
They say what you go through in your life defines who you
are as a person. Let me start by telling you a little bit about
my life and what I have been through before I came to
Australia and to Ruyton. I was born in Addis Ababa, the
capital of Ethiopia and brought up in a loving and caring
family. I was the youngest and certainly the brightest in my
family. I loved going to school and exploring the world
around me. My father passed away when I was really young
so all I knew as my family was my mother. After losing my
Mumwhen I was ten years old, things turned upside down
for me. I wasn’t the happy little girl anymore. I felt as if I had
no purpose to live in this world. Coming to Australia in 2007
was like seeing a light after a long period of darkness. Being
awarded the Community Scholarship at Ruyton was the best
thing that ever happened to me. As part of the Ruyton
community I felt like I belonged somewhere again, and with
the help of everyone around me it was like having a family
again. Even if I wasn’t the smartest in my class, with the help
of my teachers I was able to achieve the best I could be.This
gave me the confidence to realise that it doesn’t matter
what you go through in your life, it is what you do after that
really counts. I amwriting this letter to showmy
appreciation to everyone who supported me.The scholarship
didn’t just help me to experience the best education, but it
also helped me to have the best family I ever had and to
make friends who I will keep for the rest of my life.
I completed Year 12 successfully last year and this year I have
been accepted to do the Bachelor of Nursing at La Trobe
University in Bundoora.With my degree, I am hoping to go
back to Ethiopia and volunteer in rural areas as a nurse.
Thank you.’
Ruyton Community Members Enjoying the Heritage Trail Launch
Reunions for 2013:
Saturday 4 May
Saturday 13 July
Thursday 1 August
Saturday 10 August
Friday 11 October
Saturday 12 October
The Golden
+ years
Saturday 19 October
For further information regarding reunions and
upcoming alumni events, please contact Ruyton’s
Co-ordinator of Community, Mrs Marilyn Rouhard,
at the Development Office on (03) 9290 9335.