autumn 2013
Sustainability – Now and Then
Pandering to our Needs
Sustainability has gone all black and white this year at
Ruyton, but it is nothing to do with Collingwood! The
panda mascot arrived at School in March, and will be
helping us to promote sustainability. One of the most
important challenges as part of the Resource Smart
Schools Programme this year is to work on theWater
Module and gain our three star accreditation.We will
keep you updated with our progress.The fantastic
participation of girls in Clean Up Ruyton Day in
February reflects our School’s sustainable attitude.
girls enthusiastically grabbed a bag and gloves
and collected over eight kilogrammes of rubbish from
around the School grounds. And the panda was proud
to support the lunchtime acoustic concert held in
Hiscock Court to support Earth Hour at the end of Term
From the Rubbish Free Lunch Challenge last year to
tree planting; from Future Sparks Bikes to participation
in the annual Melbourne Girls’ College student-led
Sustainability Conference, Ruyton continues in its
efforts to become a more sustainable School. An
exciting new initiative was the Boroondara Gifted and
Talented Cluster Day when 25 students from different
schools came to Ruyton to learn about renewable
energy and discuss the topic Repowering October 2013.
There were guest speakers from the Australian Youth
Climate Coalition, Beyond Zero Emissions and Climarte
who provided the information the students needed to
make persuasive short videos to convey the important
message about sustainability. Our fabulous
Sustainability team, with important contributions from
the panda, will work together to make a real difference
at Ruyton this year.
When enough people do enough things, however small
they are, then change takes place’.
Howard Zinn.
Ms Nicole Volkmann,
Sustainability Co-ordinator
Pony Pooling or Futuride?
It seems that, as early as 1943, Ruyton students
were engaged in travelling smartly to School, in
order to save the environment. In this photo
Evelyn Gunnersen (’46) and Emily Frances Peters
share a ride, and arrive at School together.
Fast forward to December 2012 when eight Ruyton
students participated in Futuride at Federation
Square, using pedal power to light over 35,000
Christmas lights on the giant Christmas tree.They
rode alongside Cadel Evans and the team broke
the Guinness World Record as well as raising
awareness about sustainable practices.