the ruyton reporter
Sole traders
Year 9 students Meg Richards and Tara Naidu
are experiencing what it is like to be business
entrepreneurs! Last year the pair set up their own
business, Graffiti Soles. Meg is the creative artist,
and was inspired by the graffiti she saw around
Melbourne. She began painting a pair of her own
canvas volleys, which were admired by a friend, who
asked her to design a pair for her. As the shoes became
popular Meg decided to ask Tara to come on board
as her ‘business manager’. Customers are able to
specify their own designs, for instance it might be
their nickname, or the name of their favourite singer.
In consultation with Tara, Meg has decided to scale
up the business, by concentrating on four designs,
which can then be printed quickly to meet growing
demand. If you would like to own a pair of
these wonderful shoes go to the website
Art Department News
Last year the Art Department enjoyed many special
visits from exciting artists. In September Years 9/10
students from both Ruyton and Trinity had a fantastic
morning with Mr Vipoo Srivilasa making clay monsters
of all shapes and sizes.Thai-born,Vipoo is an
internationally renowned artist who has exhibited in
the Saatchi Gallery, London, the New Mexico Museum
of Art, Santa Fe, the Philippines,Taiwan, Spain and
beyond. He returned from a four week residency in
Jingdezhen, China, the birth place of the distinctive
Ming China technique. Vipoo’s works cover a diverse
range of styles and influences touching on topics which
are whimsical, surreal or political. Explore Vipoo’s work
Mrs Penne Ebbage,
Art teacher
The Year 9/10 Garment Construction classes were
thrilled when Mr Peter Alexander, the Pyjama King,
accepted an invitation to visit the School in September.
The students had spent some of the unit making frilly,
feminine boxer shorts and were really inspired by
Peter’s innovative collections. He was impressed by the
girls’ work, chatted with the Year 12 students and
answered numerous questions with humour and
patience. His record of 25 years in a successful business
is impressive when he freely admits that he wasn’t that
good at school!
Ms Jo Roszkowski,
Design and Technology Art Teacher
Creating Colour