the ruyton reporter
The Ruyton spirit lives on – passed
from mother to daughter.
Old Ruytonians whose daughters were among the
class of 2012
L to R:Lucy Green,Sally Heath (’77),Natalie Proposch,Meredith
Watts (’81),Annabelle Jones,Amanda Jones (Parry Okedon ’82)
Year 12 2012 reflections
Identically dressed as the Space Cadets of 2012, our year
level came together with a strong sense of unity for our
final day as Ruyton Girls. Following the Valedictory
Breakfast, our Final Assembly in Royce Theatre was
touching as, before every student and staff member, the
Class of 2012 reflected on the things that meant the most
to us as students - our unity, love, kindness, perseverance,
and vivacity. Haunting the morning was a sense of loss as
it began to strike us that our life-changing journey had
finally come to an end.The Valedictory Dinner was a lovely
event where we could join with, and thank, our parents for
the unconditional and unwavering support and love they
had provided over the years, in particular in Year 12.’
Natalie Gnoato
Having anticipated seeing the Year 12s celebrating
their final day each year since Junior School, finally
being able to wear our own dresses was a really
special moment. It cemented the fact that our time
at Ruyton was coming to a close, and helped us come
together as a group, as well as leaving the younger
girls with something to remember us by.The
Valedictory Dinner was a really great opportunity to
spend time with our classmates, and it marked the last
time we would be together before our exams began.
I also really enjoyed how relaxed it was, and everyone
was able to chat with teachers and staff who have
played such an integral role in our lives for the past
few years.’
Tallulah Butcher
The Valedictory Dinner was an incredibly special way to
finish the final day. Coming together with parents, staff
and the year level allowed us to appreciate everyone who
had helped us throughout our school lives. Dressing up
on the last day made the year level stand out and,
literally, shine for the day. Beyond that, it added an
element of fun to the otherwise emotional morning.’
Lucy Green
Being able to dress up on the final day unifies the Year 12
group for the last time, which is a really nice way to leave
each other. Similarly, the Valedictory Dinner is like our
send off into the world. Ormond Hall an amazing
location as it has an almost magical feel, so it’s a lovely
way to say congratulations and thank you.’
Charlotte Inge
Ruyton is quite different from most schools in that
everyone dresses the same on the final day. It’s a real
testament to the closeness of the group and a true
reflection of the teamwork behind the preparations.
The Valedictory Dinner has all the excitement of
the formal, without the hassle of keeping a date
entertained! A truly wonderful send off.’
Lucinda Leptos
The Exceptional Talent in Year 12
At the first Senior School Assembly of 2013 we
congratulated Natasha Kotsimbos, Dux 2012, on her
outstanding effort and achievement.We also recognised
Betty Xiong (Year 12 2013) as the recipient of the
CatherineWoods Scholarship and Lauren Yip (Year 12
as the recipient of the Monash Prize for their
commitment to achievement of academic excellence.
Kashi Mogensen and Lauren Yip, Co-Captains of the
School 2013, delivered an inspiring welcome speech to
both the Senior School and Junior School girls early in
Term 1, setting the scene for another year of endeavour
and achievement in both academic and co-curricular
activities. Here is an extract from their speech:
Why should we not treat every day as an opportunity to
step up and push ourselves? It’s our choice.This year we
will face many choices. Some of these choices will be more
important than others; however no matter what they are,
we must remember that they are ours to make. Let our
family, friends, and teachers shape our decisions, but
ultimately it’s up to us to make the right choice for
ourselves for we are the author of our life.
Though the end of the year may seem far way, it will fly by.
In Robyn Moore’s words:‘live with urgency before the
emergency.’Seize every moment for all it’s worth so that
when we look back on 2013, we don’t see a blur of
unfulfilled desires.’
Celebrating Year 12