autumn 2012
Groundwork for Leadership
Respect –
treating others with consideration
and regard
When you treat people and things in a kind, considerate and
polite way, you are being respectful. Respect is very important
at home, at School and everywhere you go.When you show
respect you show that you care for other people’s feelings,
beliefs and values or that you care for belongings and the
How I show respect
I show respect for myself by
reminding myself I can’t get
everything right first go!
I show respect for my parents by
cleaning my room before
being asked!
I show respect for my teachers by
listening to them and
finishing all work I am meant to do.
I show respect for Mr Nelsen by saying
Hello Mr Nelsen’
and asking how he is.
I show respect for my School by
not leaving rubbish on the
ground for others to pick up.
Quotations from girls Years Prep –3
Establishing Ruyton’s values in the Junior School
The Values Programme is part of the Junior School curriculum. In total, there are
ten values taught and promoted;
Differences, Responsibility, Respect, Inclusion,
Care, Humility, Perseverance, Honesty, Resilience
which for Prep to Year 3 is called
Bouncing Back) and Accomplishment. All Year 6 girls have a leadership role
during the year, with each girl being captain of a team for a semester, with the
aim to be inclusive of all girls as leaders. The Year 6 Leadership Programme links
very strongly with the Values Programme. For example, the Share Time Friends
programme involves the Year 6 leaders ‘teaching’ a value to the younger girls.
This value is therefore reinforced from Years Prep to 5. Last year, 6TC ‘buddied up’
with a Junior class to teach them the value of ‘responsibility’, while later in the
year it was the value of ‘care’. The classroom teachers prepare the girls through
their teaching and conduct a follow-up lesson. The girls conduct a 30 minute
lesson, with supervision, and create a display afterwards to explain what they
have achieved. This display is put up in the Junior School for all students,
teachers and parents to see. As the year progresses, the leadership teams go into
different classrooms and teach an accomplishment. These values are the
cornerstones of the leadership programme in the Junior School. It is a huge
challenge for a 12 year old girl to go into another classroom and to teach her
fellow students. Our Year 6 leaders should be proud of their achievements.
The Year 6 Leadership Programme
In February the Year 6 girls attended a special Leadership
Morning where they began to explore the notion of
leadership and what it means to be a leader, under the
creative and talented guidance of Ms Edwina Dixon. Edwina
has been an interior designer but left this position to follow
her dream and set up a catering business with a design
focus. Edwina works with a team of creative and dedicated
staff who share a common passion for working together to
create special occasions. Edwina discussed with us her
thoughts and ideas on the value of creativity, teamwork and
leadership. Her thoughts regarding leadership centred on
Edwina’s own journey and experiences. The following key
messages, from her presentation underpinned much of the
leadership discussions for Term 1.
From little things big things come; make dreams come true;
friends help; be honest to yourself and to others; saying NO
can be hard; keep all ‘doors’ open; be there for each other; be
true to yourself; make mistakes and learn from them – life is
like that; a title is not about just me; live your dreams.
The girls participated in a number of activities where
they explored teamwork and what it means to be a leader,
including the characteristics of effective leaders. This
was in preparation for the Year 6 Leadership Assembly,
which marked officially the start of their journey as leaders
for 2012.
Ms Cath Sim,
Junior School Values and Leadership
Co-ordinator, Year 6 teacher
Mrs Jenny Johnson
Miss Jo Milic,
Year 6 teachers