the ruyton reporter
Junior Achievements
Shield tables at Year 5 and 6
In 2011, and after moving into the new Carolyn Anderson Building, the Year 6
classrooms were fitted out with shield tables (the Year 5 and Year 6 classes already
had height-adjustable, swivel chairs.) The shield tables allow for up to six girls to
sit comfortably in a shield-shape setting, while still having enough space at the
table to work independently.The shield tables can also be pulled apart into three
separate smaller tables (for paired activities and tests, for instance.) This year, the
Year 5 classrooms have also received shield tables.The shield tables offer
something new and different for the girls, after spending the last few years on
rectangular tables with their own tubs underneath.The shield tables allow for
greater independence as the girls are required to gather their belongings from
their open ‘locker’ before the start of each lesson.This will better prepare them for
Year 7 and beyond. Furthermore, it has been proven and documented that girls
thrive and excel in collaborative teams.The shield table arrangement allows for
collaboration between girls and the sharing of ideas becomes much easier, and
avoids the need for tables to be moved to accommodate such lessons. If you walk
through the Year 5 and Year 6 classrooms, you will hear the happy chatter of girls
sharing, expressing ideas and opinions, and collaborating as never before.
Mr Brad Nelsen,
Assistant Principal, Head of the Junior School
All Spills and Giggles
What talent we have in the Junior School! Not
only did the Director of Junior School Drama,
Ms Georgie Parker, write and direct the Prep–Year 2
play, Circus Giggles, but also ALL the girls were
complete stars! It was also a wonderful
demonstration of some of the Ruyton values,
as these young students supported one another,
and illustrated how inclusivity really works.
The lead character was Tuesday Giggles, who felt
that she was not funny enough, and so made up her
mind to leave the circus. Before she departed she
attempted to play each of the roles on display there.
She performed with the acrobats, nimbly played by
the Preps once they had untangled themselves from
their gymnastic ribbons, and as a lion tamer,
supported by Kimba and Simba, and the rest of the
Year 1s.The Year 2s took on the lead characters,
performing, along with Tuesday Giggles, as dog
trainers and ring masters.There was a rich array
of characters, including Dorothy and Denise the
dog trainers, acrobats Hannah Hoop and Cassie
Cartwheel, and the Giggles family of clowns. In what
is becoming a Ruyton tradition, Mr Nelsen, Assistant
Principal and Head of Junior School, took a cameo
role as the old ringmaster.
From the clowns who kept losing their noses, to the
tigers and lions who scared everyone with a huge
growl at the end of their song, it was a marvellous
showcase of thrills and spills.
Ms Georgie Parker,
Director of Junior School Drama