autumn 2012
Musical Moments
Turn that music up!
If you go down to the ELC for a visit the chances are
that you will hear the beat of a drum or hear the
chanting of voices! The children of the Pre Prep and
Kindergarten are fortunate to have Mrs Rebecca
Barker, Director of Junior School Music, spend time
with them each week.
In groups of 12 or less, which makes it very hands on,
Rebecca encourages the children to explore rhythm
using bongo drums and by singing and dancing. She
encourages them to use their voices as instruments,
so they are creating music actively, rather than
listening to music passively. It is now common for
the children to sing ‘Good Morning Mrs Barker’ and
to sing out new words or to chant numbers.
There is well-founded research which suggests that
music forms an integral part of a child’s
development, from as early as in the womb. Children
are intuitively drawn to music and this engagement
develops their brain connectivity, as well as opening
up other areas of the brain.
So sharpen up your own vocal chords – your children
may insist you join in with their own singing!
Ms Karina Buttler,
Director of the Early Learning Centre