the ruyton reporter
Important Milestones
When I grow up….
The annual ELC concert is a huge production for everyone at the Centre.
It involves a great deal of preparation, and rehearsals take place for a full
week before the event. For some of the three year olds it may be the first
time that they have seen the Royce Theatre, and it can seem a very big and
scary place.
The theme for the 2011 concert was
The Stars of the Early Learning Centre.
We explained to the children the meaning of the word ‘star’ in this context,
and how that translated to the children being the ‘stars’ of the show.
We also discussed how the concert is a celebration of all the children have
learnt throughout the year.
Each class performed their own piece – something they agreed upon as a
group – and it included a performance as well as a song.
The Kinder Dolphins and the Kinder Butterflies each sang the song
Mr Clickety Cane’
and, together, they sang and danced to
The Field Mice’
song. It was obviously a demanding schedule as one of our three year olds,
Jack, was heard to remark,‘I’m sorry Miss Buttler, but I think we’ll call it
quits, we’re all a bit tired’!
The Pre Prep Girls sang
The Gingerbread Man,’
and acted and played
musical instruments to accompany this piece.
The Pre Prep Co-Ed group sang the song entitled,
Growing Up.’
Each child
stood up in front of the microphone and said,
When I grow up I want to
be a … ’.
This was a huge achievement for each one of these children to
have the confidence to do this, in front of an audience of parents, carers
and grandparents.We shall follow these children eagerly in their chosen
professions, which included a palaeontologist, a Lego constructor and one
which particularly melted everyone’s heart, a mother.
The Pre Preps sang and danced for the finale,
and it was indeed
a marvellous celebration of all the children in the Early Learning Centre have
achieved over the year.
Ms Karina Buttler,
Director of the Early Learning Centre
Beginnings… and endings.
The beginning of the School year in Kindergarten is a huge day for
both parents and the children.We try to facilitate this process by
welcoming the child and his or her parent in small groups of five, to
spend 45 minutes at the Centre.The children explore their surroundings
and become familiar with the space, and we are able to get to know the
children and their parents. By ensuring a happy and secure experience,
the children begin their more formal education with a positive attitude.
It’s not just the children who are new.This year we are pleased to
welcome some fresh faces to our team: Mrs Sally Swingler (Kindergarten
teacher),Mrs Sally Lusted (Kindergarten teacher), Miss Emma Fulton
Girls’ Pre Prep assistant), Mrs Phoebe Cunich (Co-Ed Pre Prep assistant),
and Ms Margarita Dimitrova (Kindergarten assistant).We hope that their
experience at Ruyton is long and happy as well!
Sadly, there also have to be endings. Mrs Coleene Scott is retiring after
years at Ruyton. Coleene started in 1997, when there were only 11 girls
in Pre Prep inWellington Street. She has worked in the Kindergarten, with
the Girls’ Pre Prep, and in Aftercare for Pre Prep and in the Junior School.
She began work in the original
Little Ruyton
inWellington Street, enjoying
the atmosphere there.
It was homely, with so many nooks and crannies.’
Following the renovations, Coleene moved to the combined ELC on
Fitzwilliam Street,
a bright and beautiful new space.’
Coleene, who is
looking forward to spending more time with her family, particularly her
grandchildren, has loved being part of the Ruyton family, seeing the
girls on their journey from three year old Kindergarten right through to
Year 12.
I would like to thank everyone for their friendship, for accepting me and
for trusting me with their children.’
Coleene has been a valuable member of our team, and will be much
Ms Karina Buttler,
Director of the Early Learning Centre