autumn 2012
News from the Board
Ms Prue Digby – a Shining Example
At the start of this new year we acknowledge the significant and outstanding
contribution of Ms Prue Digby to the Ruyton community. Prue resigned as
President of the Ruyton Board of Directors at the end of 2011 having joined the
Ruyton Board in 1998, with no existing connection to the School. Prue joined the
Board when a new model was developed by Ms Fay Marles to give a combination
of parents, ORA members and external professionals who, together, provided the
balanced skill set required for the Board to meet its responsibilities. She became
Co-President of the Board in 2002 and has been President since 2004. During this
time she has worked with three Principals, which in itself is an amazing feat, and
has seen the School grow significantly in reputation and size. Such achievements
are the result of planning and vision and Prue has been a major contributor to the
success of Ruyton.When Mrs Carolyn Anderson retired at the end of 2010 Prue
remarked that Mrs Anderson could possibly take on the role of architect given the
size of the building programme over recent years.This is an accolade that is to be
shared by Prue, as the Principal and President worked closely with the Board to
achieve this astounding strategic vision for the School.Their vision has enabled the
character of the School to move through Hiscock Court into each and every one of
the buildings and has set the scene for exciting future building projects to best
support the culture of personalised learning.
The Board’s primary roles are to establish the vision and strategic direction of the
School and appoint the Principal.The Board also ensures compliance with legal
obligations and monitors adherence to systems of risk management and
undertakes periodic performance reviews. Prue’s strong yet firm leadership and
strategic thinking ensured that the Board was effectively organised during her
presidency. In addition to a full schedule with her family and career, it was always
obvious that she clearly understood the Ruyton culture and the fine balance of
maintaining this while embracing appropriate innovations. Many people were
surprised to find that Prue was not previously connected to the School, as they had
assumed she was an Old Ruytonian.
Most importantly Prue has loved her interactions with the students. Shaking hands
with the prize winners at Speech Night each year was always a highlight, and her
positive engagement with the girls was evident as she congratulated them on
their efforts. She never lost sight of the true purpose of our efforts – enriching the
lives of the young women in our School.
It is with sadness that we say farewell to Prue as President of the Board. I know
that the Ruyton community joins me in thanking her for her dedication,
commitment and generosity of spirit in leading the Ruyton Board. On behalf of our
community I wish Prue and her family every success and happiness in the future.
Ms Linda Douglas,
Ms Prue Digby
Back Row, left to right: Mr Andrew Smith, Mr Jonathan Green, Ms Freya Marsden, Mr Tim Hogg. Front Row, left to right: Ms Fleur Coldwell, Ms KatherineWatt (President),
Mr Peter Kanat (Vice-President), Ms Linda Douglas. Absent: Mr Bruce Meehan, Dr BarbraWatterston
Ms Prue Digby
Ms Linda Douglas,Ms Prue Digby and Mrs Carolyn Anderson
Members of the Board at Ruyton Girls’ School 2012