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As a School community we congratulate our 2011 Year 12 students on their excellent VCE results.
Forty-six percent of students attained an ATAR score greater than 90.Tenille Rollnick, Karen Tan,
Georgina Baker, Jacqueline Evans, Kirsty Ha, Claire Seton and Angela Xu all achieved ATAR scores over 99,
with Tenille and Karen achieving joint Dux of the School. Eight perfect study scores of 50 were achieved
in Design and Technology, English, French, Further Mathematics and Media. Congratulations to each
of these girls on their outstanding achievements. All of our girls received a tertiary offer and over
received their first preference.These results reflect the talent and hard work of our girls, but also
the quality teaching, counselling processes and focus on development of our girls as independent
young women.
The start of this year has also seen the launch of the 2012–2016 Strategic Directions for the School.
This document is the culmination of an in depth self-study, including valuable feedback from parents,
staff and students and benchmarking against like schools.The Directions have been developed to achieve
our vision, while maintaining and continuing to strengthen our reputation and culture.The traditions
and qualities of Ruyton are highly valued as an essential foundation for our vision for the future.
Most importantly, the Strategic Directions will ensure that Ruyton remains a girls’ school of educational
distinction with strong academic results, high levels of participation in co-curricular activities and
a strong sense of community and social justice.
Ruyton released its
Responsible Online Behaviour/iCare 1.0
policy to the Ruyton community early this
term.This policy recognises that the online environment and social media are significant aspects of many
people’s lives, particularly the generation we are currently educating.The main aim of this policy is to
provide all Ruyton community members with a clear framework of behaviours that constitute positive
and safe digital citizenship.
The policy is the result of a collaborative process involving staff, students and external professionals.
This term the policy is being rolled out with students through dedicated classroom discussions.
The importance of student modelling and peer tutoring has continued to be highlighted during this
process and has reflected the culture and philosophy of Ruyton in its student-centred and consultative
approach.We have also been asked for permission to use the policy in school education sessions, locally
and internationally, as current best practice.
In line with our Strategic Directions 2012–2016, the ICT committee is now meeting fortnightly to develop
our Strategic Digital Learning Vision and Strategy 2013–2017. Given the use of technology in our lives this
is an exciting task, as we define how best technology will support our students in achieving quality
learning outcomes in a personalised learning environment.The committee is working with leading
consultant Ms Sylvia Guidara to prepare a forward-looking shared vision of the use of technology across
the School community with expected outcomes and an action plan.The process will involve consultation
with the community.We look forward to sharing our vision with the Ruyton community in Semester Two.
The start of a new year is traditionally a time where we redefine our goals and encourage new
approaches to achieve our potential after the weariness of the end of the previous year. Best wishes
to all of our students for a successful 2012, where they may achieve their personal best and fully
involve themselves in the wide array of curricular and co-curricular opportunities on offer.
Ms Linda Douglas,
For more information on our Strategic Directions 2012–2016 please contact the Director of Development
on 9290 9318
From the Study
On our cover:Photographed during the
Wind Chimes
rehearsal Term 1 2012 (Wind Chimes is a Year 3–6 Ensemble).
From top:
Ms Douglas.
Ms Douglas
Tenille Rollnik
Karen Tan
Joint Dux
recipients 2011).
Ms Douglas
with Deputy Principal,Head of Senior School
Mrs Glenis Gumley
and Assistant Principal,Head of Junior
Mr Brad Nelsen.
It has been wonderful to welcome all of our students back to School this term and to
see so many of them excited to return to their place of learning. In particular, we welcome
the students, families and staff who have joined the Ruyton community this year.
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