autumn 2012
Final reflections from some of the Class of 2011
Our time at Ruyton has been like a fairytale and as the final few pages have been turned,
we’ve realised just how much we have all learned and how much we have grown and matured.
Arriving at School early on the final day, dressed as the adventurous and daring Peter Pan,
my appreciation for the unique traditions that make Ruyton such a distinctive, wonderful
community increased. Each time our year level is together, laughter is shared and memories
are made.This occurred during both the Valedictory Breakfast and the Final Assembly, with
a few tears in the mix too!
After all the emotion and apprehension of the day, we could relax, unwind and reflect in the
theatrical setting of Ormond College’s Great Hall. Despite feeling a world away from Neverland,
a sense of happiness, relief and exhaustion, from our ‘awfully big adventure’, resonated through
us all.’
I found dressing-up as Peter Pan was such a fun experience! It reminded us of our childhood
and was symbolic of the fact that, while we are leaving the School, there will always be a little
part of our heart that belongs to Ruyton.’
The assembly aroused mixed emotions. It was exciting to be finishing, but at the same time
it was hard to imagine life without all the beautiful girls of Year 12.The many brief memories
shared with the rest of the School reminded us of what fun we’ve had together over the years.’
The Valedictory Dinner was the point when I realised I really was done. Lauren Markopoulos’
speech summed up our year level superbly and I felt proud to be part of such a diverse but
unified group.’
I loved dressing up as Peter Pan. I think we may have even beaten previous Year 12 final
dress up days in our ingenuity! (Good luck in beating us this year current Year 12s!) The
Valedictory Dinner was a wonderful night and everyone looked gorgeous. My last day will
be remembered forever!’
Old Ruytonians whose daughters were among the Class of 2011.
Left to right, back row: Kym Dennehy (Purdey ’75), Rosemary Evans (Johns
Gillian Radden (’76) Robyn Kanat (Bate ’80), Caitlin Riva (Miller ’80),
Anna Cerdan (Scandrett ’80)
Left to right, front row: Keara Dennehy, Jacqueline Evans, Meghan Tucker,
Zoe Kanat, Lauren Riva, Olivia Cerdan
The Ruyton spirit lives on – passed from mother to daughter
Extracts from the speech by Ruyton’s
Valedictorian 2011, Lauren Markopoulos
As much as I would love to acknowledge each individual Year 12, having
students in our year level makes this task quite difficult in the time frame
allocated to my address. Instead, I would like to highlight the qualities of
which the Class of 2011 is comprised.We have the passion of the debaters,
the confidence of the performers, the talent of the artists, the dedication
of the musicians, the determination of the athletes, the compassion of the
community servers, the ardour of the eco-warriors and the diligence of the
academics. Even though we are an eclectic group of Ruyton girls, with
different interests and attributes, the common thread that binds us all is the
energy and tenacity
that flows through each and every Year 12 student.
As a result, our Year 12 motto,
to lead with energy and tenacity’,
has been
successfully embraced throughout the entire year. From the enthusiasm
surrounding the Formal, where the fashion on the night could definitely
rival the Academy Awards’ red carpet; Community Awareness Days which
showcased some questionable costumes, such as a shark suit and medieval
garments; and the oh-so entertaining Ruyton versus Trinity Netball Match
which saw girls dressed up as boys, boys dressed up as girls, and half-time
entertainment inspired by the cheerleading film
Bring It On;
as a Year Level
we have banded together to exemplify our maxim.
I want to commend the way in which all girls united and persevered
through this stressful yet highly enjoyable year. I can tell you all now, that
I have never been more proud to be a part of the Class of 2011.The ways in
which you exude love, zest and acceptance has made my involvement at
this School a wonderful experience and one that I will forever hold dear
to my heart.
Together we have learned, laughed, cried and sometimes demonstrated
our mischievous side, but above all we have matured. As young women we
have grown, and have grown together. And tonight, we celebrate together.
We celebrate a transition, a bridge between our accomplishments over the
last 13 years, and the many bright years that our future has in store.
We have spent the past few years wandering the classrooms of our
School and appreciating the many opportunities that Ruyton offers. Life,
like Ruyton’s corridors, is a series of passageways, and we are now leaving
one and moving on to the next.We will meet new people, make new friends,
and learn new things.We will grow older, more responsible, and more
independent. Hereafter our lives will hold many surprises for us, and I am
positive that we will approach challenges with the same boldness and
composure with which we currently confront our life tests.
To my peers: always remember your achievements with pride. Success is
not measured by how well you fulfil the expectations of others, but by how
you honestly live up to your own. Success is not a place at which one arrives,
but rather the spirit with which one undertakes and continues the journey.
As you have been true to yourself in the pursuit of your dream, you have
earned this moment and the right to be proud. I have faith that you will
keep your aspirations kindled and alive. You each have a dream and you now
have the education, the friends and the support to fulfil your desires.
As I look over the many faces I behold this evening, I no longer see my peers
as they were; I see them as they will be and I know that each Year 12 student
will contribute to the fabric of the future in some way. Often in our lives we
look outside for inspiration but, as I have learnt in my years at Ruyton, we do
not have to look far.We each have the potential to make a valuable
contribution to others by being true to our values and committing ourselves
to our goals.When you leave here tonight, look forward with an eye towards
how you too can be the inspiration for others.
So when I look at the bright horizon that is our future, I am overcome with
happiness. For although our lives will contain some challenges, it will also
hold a multitude of love, laughter and joy. Year 12s: do not look back, and
regret, but look forward and smile, for our education at Ruyton has not
been just a destination, but a continuous journey. And I assure you, it will
be a journey of many successes.
Congratulations Class of 2011!
Lauren Markopoulos