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What makes a Good Leader
Year 12 2012 – leading with perseverance and vivacity
So powerful is the light of unity that it can
illuminate the whole earth.’
Although the class of 2012 may not be ready to take on the world just yet, we’re
certainly ready for the challenge of our final year at Ruyton. Spirited, unified and
determined, the Year 12 girls are eager to tackle the year ahead, excited for the
leadership opportunities awaiting them and the memories to be made along
the way.
We lead beneath the colour green: the shade of a bird’s feathers, ready to take
flight; the shade of our fig tree, as it grows and strengthens, weathered by time
and experience. It is the colour of balance, nature and wholeness. It is restful, yet
deep in colour and rich in life.While the colour green softens our everyday
surroundings, it holds the power and force of the ocean, offering endless
horizons and an environment in which challenge, adventure and chance prosper.
This shade reflects the united strength and passion of the Year 12s, while
capturing our calm resilience in the face of challenge and adversity.
A recent Ruyton tradition is for the Year 12 girls to define their leadership for the
coming year through two chosen words.This year, we pledge to lead with
perseverance and vivacity. Perseverance is a simple, yet crucial idea. It’s the
ability to hold steadfast to your dream, refusing to let go, regardless of
obstacles. It is the utter determination to keep moving forward, to push yourself
while at your lowest, and the ability to see light at the end of the tunnel.
Anything worth having requires an effort.We have to expect that there will be
obstacles along the way. Perseverance leads us to understand that when we
reach a roadblock, we have to smash through it; go around it; burrow under it;
jump over it; take a detour; anything to keep pushing forward. As we face the
challenges of the year ahead, we will strive to aid the School community; to
value and utilise such a trait.
Hand in hand with this, the class of 2012 is committed to lead with fire and life,
setting the School alight with their ideas, passion and vivacity. Vivacity is the
essence of life, the core of everything we do and the reason we do it. It drives
our passion, gives us the energy to strive for our goals and allows for the growth
of ideas. It’s the spring after winter, the morning after the storm. Vivacity is life,
energy and the will to be.
As we commence our final year, we strive to hold fast to these values, while
remaining true to our individuality. Although we know that there may be
obstacles along the way, the compassion of each girl will light the way for those
around them.
The class of 2012 is ready to soar.
Lucy Green
Charlotte Inge,
School Co-Captains
School Co-Captains,Lucy Green and Charlotte Inge