autumn 2011
UN Women’s Day Breakfast
In March, members of the Ruyton Student Council Committee in Years 10, 11
and 12 were invited to attend the annual UNWomen’s Day Breakfast. Launched
on 1 January 2011, UNWomen is the United Nations Entity for gender equality
and the empowerment of women.
At this event, we were lucky enough to hear from speakers who have been
advocating for women’s rights all over the world. Justice Unity Dow (human
rights activist, lawyer and writer from Botswana) gave a particularly inspiring
speech. Her experience of successfully challenging the constitutionality of the
Citizenship Act in Botswana led to protection against discrimination towards
women and thus enabled land rights and property to pass down through the
maternal line. Her amazing persistence to win this case and her resilience
as a woman in a patriarchal society was truly motivating. As the only girl in
a class of eight law students at university, she emphasized the importance
of education and communication for all women.
The entire breakfast focused on improving confidence, self-image and self-
esteem in women; adolescent health; gender equality; and violence against
women. Girls Guides Victoria has a strong affiliation with UNWomen and spoke
about how something as simple as teaching women in disadvantaged
countries to wash their hands to stop the spread of germs could drastically
improve health levels.
On behalf of all the girls, we would like to thank Ms Hoskins for organising our
participation in this enlightening and inspirational breakfast.
Tatiana Kotsimbos,
Ruyton School Co-Captain
Ruyton’s Future Problem Solvers
We would like to congratulate the girls from the Extended School Day
Programme who participated in the Future Problem Solving Programme in 2010.
Maria Xie
Jane Karopoulos
Grace Flinn
Michelle Berry
Elizabeth Ivanic
Sesharna Bala
Joy Hsieh
Grace Chen
Sarah Cheang
Melba Wu
Clare Myers
Future Problem Solving is an international educational programme for school-
aged students that focuses on the development of creative and critical thinking
skills. It challenges students to apply their imagination and thinking skills to
some of the significant issues facing both the world of today, and the future.
Two Ruyton teams were invited to attend the National Finals held at The
University of Melbourne in October 2010.
Congratulations to
Maria Xie, Grace Flinn, Sesharna Bala
Sarah Cheang
placed third in the Junior Division of the Global Issues Problem Solving
Competition at the National Finals.
Special mention must also be made to the team of
Jane Karopoulos, Michelle
Berry, Joy Hsieh
Melba Wu
whose Presentation of Actions Plans on the day
was awarded first prize.
All girls involved in this programme are to be commended for their commitment
throughout the year and their display of teamwork, creative and critical thinking
and excellent problem-solving skills.
Year 5 Band Programme
Music at Ruyton Junior School aims to be vibrant, relevant and
constantly changing to meet the needs and interests of the girls.
With a huge intake of new girls into the programme at Year 5,
we wanted to ensure that every girl had the opportunity to
experience learning an instrument and playing in an ensemble.
While the Year 2 String Programme has run for many years,
we felt it necessary to offer another opportunity for girls new
to Ruyton and girls who felt that they would like to try a Brass
or Woodwind instrument. By encouraging girls to learn these
instruments, we are also ensuring that we have balanced
ensembles progressing through into Senior School.
The Year 5 Band Programme runs for thirteen weeks and begins
with the girls trying the Trumpet,Trombone, French Horn,
Euphonium, Flute, Clarinet, Oboe and Bassoon.These sessions
are full of smiles and giggles and the cacophony of sound can
be heard in all parts of the school.
The girls give their preferences and the teachers take
careful notes in order to match them to the instrument
that will enable them to be the most successful in a
short amount of time.
The students are given small group lessons with specialist
staff, and whole class band sessions for the duration of the
thirteen weeks.The programme concludes with a concert filled
with solos, duets and class band pieces for the parents.
The programme was a huge success last year with twelve
girls continuing on with lessons and joining our Junior School
Rebecca Barker,
Junior School Music Teacher