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Australian Defence Force
Long Tan Leadership
Teamwork Awards
At the beginning of the year,
Senior School students joined
with Ms Douglas in congratulating
the three winners of the
Australian Defence Force (ADF)
Long Tan Leadership Teamwork
Awards in Assembly. These
awards recognise students who
demonstrate leadership and
teamwork within the school and
in the broader community.
is the recipient of the 2010 Year 10 ADF Award. She was selected for
her excellent communication skills, her positive attitude and ability to motivate
others around her. Her leadership, particularly in school musicals, was
demonstrated in her ability to act as a role model for her peers. Imogen has been
an enthusiastic participator in all aspects of school life.
Sophie Perry’s
compassion, consideration of others and her integrity were key
factors in her selection as the 2010 Year 11 ADF Award recipient. She has shown
initiative, motivation and the ability to work hard in her leadership roles and in her
participation in sporting teams. Sophie is reliable and co-operative and has shown
herself to be an outstanding member of the school community.
The winner of the 2010 Year 12 ADF Award was exemplary in her role as School
Madeleine Reilly
has an outstanding moral compass and she has been
a role model for students in her attitude to her academic work, community
involvement and as a participant in a wide range of co-curricular activities.
Mrs Glenis Gumley,
Vice Principal, Head of Senior School
Leading theWay
Year 6 Leadership Programme
Most primary and junior schools in Victoria have Year 6 leaders. Generally, these
leadership positions are for school and house captains. Most of these schools require
their Year 6 students to deliver a speech to their peers outlining the reasons why they
should be voted into a leadership position.
I believe there are two major flaws with this system.
Firstly, the voting decisions of students are usually based on the popularity of the
candidates. Secondly, the limited number of positions means not all students in the
year level are given the opportunity to be leaders and to develop leadership skills.
At Ruyton, there is a clear absence of voting.The Year 6 Leadership Programme
means each girl gets to choose which team she wants to be a part of. Everyone is
either a Captain or a TeamMember for Semester 1. In Semester 2, girls swap roles and
teams. By the end of the year, every girl has had the opportunity to be a Captain and
a TeamMember. More importantly, however, the girls learn about leadership,
teamwork and organisation.
Earlier this term, the Junior School held a special Year 6 Leadership Assembly.
In what has become a tradition at Ruyton, this Assembly is an occasion for our Year 6
girls to be acknowledged as leaders in the Junior School.The girls were presented
with their leadership badges for Semester 1 and received their yellow leadership hats
fromMs Douglas.
During the Assembly, the girls were reminded that with these new roles come new
challenges.The girls listened to thoughts on leadership including what makes a good
leader, how to be a ‘super leader’ and the importance of trust in effective leadership.
Throughout the rest of 2011, our Year 6 girls will strengthen their leadership skills
through a wide-range of events and activities as part of the Leadership Programme.
In March, the girls attended National Young Leaders’ Day where they joined 4000
other young leaders from around Victoria.The girls heard from some wonderful
speakers who shared their thoughts on leadership. One message that was consistent
among all speakers was that good leaders have a positive influence on others. It is the
influence that makes a leader, not the badge worn or the position of responsibility held.
The Ruyton community wish the Year 6 girls all the best as they continue on their
leadership journey this year.
Brad Nelsen,
Assistant Principal, Head of Junior School
Year 6 Leaders