autumn 2011
How the Dolphins and Butterflies Got Their Names
Each year, the Early Learning Centre Kindergarten children choose a name for
their groups. Ms Miller was teaching the Co Ed Kindergarten group the day they
got their name.
The children mentioned they liked the colour blue and went on to discuss the
sorts of animals that they liked.They decided that dolphins were blue and the
sea was blue, so why not call themselves the Dolphins?!
Just like the Dolphins, the girls’ Kindergarten group had to decide on a name.
Earlier in the term, the girls were asked to share some suggestions.These ranged
from being the Pinks, the Penguins, the Purples, the Flowers and the Butterflies.
There was an overwhelming vote in favour of the name the Butterflies.
We have really settled into our name and have had many conversations about
butterflies. One conversation was about what butterflies eat.We came to the
conclusion that they don’t eat rice crackers like us, but nectar from flowers!
Ms Megan Miller and Ms Jane McGrath,
Kindergarten Teachers
Early Learning
Sensory Garden
This year, the Early Learning Centre is focusing on sustainability.The children
are already learning about the benefits of saving paper and using recycling boxes
to deposit their paper. In looking to become more sustainable, we also spend a lot
of time experiencing the joys of the outdoor environment.The more time we
spend outdoors, marveling at nature, the more we appreciate the need to preserve
our environment.
The children have spent time planting vegetables and tending to the garden.This
year, the ELC will be collaborating to make a sensory garden. Sensory gardens have
benefits for young and old alike.We know that children learn best through play
and an environment that stimulates their senses.The five senses of smell, touch,
taste, sight and hearing form the basis for creating the garden. In creating this space
with the children, we will choose plants and flowers that will stimulate these five
senses. Over the coming weeks, we look forward to sharing our sensory experiences
with the school community.
Miss Karina Buttler,
Director of Early Learning