the ruyton reporter
The Joy of Outdoor Play
Places to climb, a cicada shell to discover and a mud pie
to be moulded, children need these spaces and opportunities
for exploration, discovery and learning; the physical and
mental health of children and staff, human connections with
nature and the promotion and practice of sustainable living.
Outdoor Playspace Naturally, 2008, Sue Elliott and Julie Davis
Over the summer months, the Pre Preps have enjoyed the newest addition to our playground, an area
affectionately named “The Beach”. Mixing water and sand and exploring the bamboo forest allow the children
to experiment both independently and collectively.The children have enjoyed countless “cakes, pies and cups
of tea” on sunny days and experienced many adventures in the forest.
These experiences have fostered essential skills and functioned as the catalyst for exploring further ideas.
With the mixture of sand and water, the children have created castles with moats and pools.This has led
to such scientific enquiry as ‘where does the water go?’
We see children using play to investigate, project and explore new ideas.The children are becoming socially
responsible and learning to show respect for the environment.We have discussed how this year’s wet summer
has allowed us to use more water in our play and noted how the bamboo has grown in the humidity.The
children participate and collaborate with each other to problem solve and contribute to group outcomes.
Through this delightful space, children can reconnect with nature and extend their knowledge of the world.
Miss Grace Doutch and Mrs HelenWild,
Pre Prep Teachers