autumn 2011
On Friday 18 February, the school community
gathered together in The Royce Theatre for
the induction of
Ms Linda Douglas
as the
thirteenth Principal of Ruyton Girls’ School.
With the exception of the Year 7 girls who were on
camp, girls from Years 8 to 12 alongside staff, members
of the Board, parents and other invited guests shared
in this occasion as Ms Douglas pledged her leadership
to the Ruyton community.
The ceremony was officiated by President of the
Ruyton Board,
Ms Prue Digby
who invited members
of the School community to join in conducting the
induction and to pledge their support and
encouragement to Ms Douglas in her role as Principal.
Mr Brad Nelson
Vice Principal and Head of Junior
School, and
Mrs Glenis Gumley
Deputy Principal
and Head of Senior School, represented the
educational leadership of the Ruyton community.
School Co-Captains,
Georgina Baker
spoke on behalf of the students, while
POR Co-Presidents,
Mrs RuthWirtz
Ms Sue Sloan
and President of the Old Ruytonians Association,
Ms Caroline Jarrett
represented the wider School
Highlights of the ceremony included music from
Henty Orchestra and a moving violin solo of de
Bériot’s Scene de Ballet from
Lauren Yip
performance was commended by many of the
guests who attended the morning tea following
the ceremony.
In reflecting on the event, Ms Douglas said “it certainly
is a privilege to be part of such an inclusive and
engaging community.”
Consistent Academic Excellence
Ruyton Academic Results
The Ruyton community congratulates our 2010 Year 12 students on their excellent
VCE results. Another year of exceptional results continues Ruyton’s tradition of
consistently excellent academic achievement.
In 2010, 39% of girls received Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) scores of
and above, placing them in the top 10% of the State.With a median ATAR score
of 88, each one of our school leavers received a tertiary offer and 71% received
their first preference.
We congratulate our academic leaders –
Beryl Yan, Greta Gurry, Ella Pleasant
Madeline Reilly
who achieved ATAR scores over 99, placing them in the top
of the State.
Perfect study scores of 50 were achieved by
Beryl Yan
Ella Pleasant
English) and
Georgina Baker
of Year 11 (Physical Education). VCE subjects are
marked out of 50, with a study score of 30 the State average, and more than
considered an excellent result. Ruyton girls completing Units 3 and 4 VCE
subjects in 2010 achieved a median study score of 36, with 26% of study scores
being 40 or over.
In particular, we congratulate Dux for 2010,
Beryl Yan
Beryl is to be commended
for her commitment to her studies and the Master Scholar Programme, her
involvement in co-curricular activities at Ruyton as well as her strong display of
leadership as 2010 School Debating Captain. Beryl returned to Ruyton to receive
her award at the first School Assembly of 2011. At this Assembly, the Senior
School also congratulated another pair of Ruyton scholars.
Karen Tan
the CatherineWoods Scholarship, acknowledging her outstanding academic
achievement in Year 11.
Yi Fan Gu
was the recipient of the Monash Prize, which was
presented by past parent and distinguished Monash University mathematician,
Dr Maria Athanassenas.
A Tradition of Excellence
The results of last year’s VCE students reinforce Ruyton’s position as a consistently
performing and high achieving independent girls’ school.The overall performance
of our girls at VCE level attests to the quality of teaching and learning at Ruyton.
Our VCE groups have achieved the following results since 2007:
• 8%
of girls have achieved an ATAR/ENTER over 99,
• 54%
of girls have achieved an ATAR/ENTER over 90,
• 76%
of girls have achieved an ATAR/ENTER over 80,
A median ATAR/ENTER score of 91.5 has been achieved.
Ruyton’s Principal,
Ms Linda Douglas
believes Ruyton’s exceptional results
reflect the talent and hard work of
our girls, the quality of teaching and
counselling processes as well as the
school’s focus on developing our girls
as independent young women.”
Ms Douglas also believes the
balanced education” offered
at Ruyton, where academic studies
are complemented by co-curricular
activities and a range of specialist
programmes, allows our girls to
achieve their best.
Congratulations to the Class of 2010
on their outstanding achievements.
Principal’s Induction Ceremony
Linda and her parents
Lauren Yip
Prue Digby,President of the Ruyton Board
Dux for 2010,Beryl Yan