the ruyton reporter
It is a privilege to return to Ruyton as Principal and
I would like to thank staff, students and the School
community for their warm welcome. A change in
leadership undoubtedly marks a significant stage in
the ongoing development of a school. I am committed
to ensuring that Ruyton continues to develop in
a way that maintains its strong values and culture
and significant focus on achieving excellence and
developing individual potential.
Over the past ten years Ruyton has been guided by the outstanding leadership of
Mrs Carolyn
I would like to thank Carolyn for her significant contribution to the School and for the
dedicated time she spent with me to ensure a smooth handover. I look forward to welcoming
Carolyn back to celebrate the progress of Ruyton at significant events over the coming years.
During the next few months I will continue to spend a great deal of time meeting with students,
parents, staff and the wider School community. I am looking forward to meeting you all, hearing
about your experiences at Ruyton, and leading this outstanding School.
As a school community, we congratulate our 2010 Year 12 students on their excellent VCE results.
of students attained an ATAR score greater than 90.
Beryl Yan, Greta Gurry, Ella Pleasant
Madeleine Reilly
all achieved ATAR scores over 99 and
Beryl Yan
was Dux of the School.
Three perfect study scores of 50 were achieved by
Beryl Yan
Ella Pleasant
English) and
Georgina Baker
Physical Education). Congratulations to each of these girls on their outstanding
achievements. All of our girls received a tertiary offer and 71% received their first preference.
These results reflect the talent and hard work of our girls, the quality teaching and counselling
processes and the focus on development of our girls as independent young women.
Last year the 2008 Questers Heritage Quilt was completed. It is now proudly displayed outside
the study. I am fortunate enough to see it every day and admire its intricacy and detail.
I particularly enjoy hearing the girls comment on the fine details they discover when viewing it.
It is a beautiful piece of work which acknowledges our heritage and our history.We are most
appreciative to Questers for their time and their effort in producing it.
Our Junior School students have just moved into the new Junior School facility, the innovative
Centre for Creativity.This facility offers amazing learning opportunities to our Junior School
students. Prep students have purpose-built rooms opening onto a new play space that fosters
imaginative play. Our Year 6 students enjoy a new classroom environment that provides for
collaborative learning across the Year Level.This will provide the girls with a greater level of
independence as they prepare for Senior School.The Centre for Creativity contains purpose-built
facilities for Drama, Music, Art and Science as well as a multi-purpose space and smaller breakout
rooms. I look forward to sharing this new space with the Ruyton community at the official
opening in Term 2. Our next edition of the Ruyton Reporter will take you inside the New Junior
School facility.
This term our girls have already taken part in a wide-range of co-curricular activities with amazing
success. Representations at events such as GSV Swimming and Diving, Youth Track and Field
National Championships and Rowing Nationals have highlighted the outstanding level of skill,
dedication and teamwork of our girls and their coaches.We have also been privileged to watch
our girls perform in the Summer Concert, Ruyton Trinity Play and even ‘Ruyton’s Got Talent’.The
high level of participation and school spirit demonstrate a strong sense of belonging throughout
the School.
I hope you enjoy reading about the achievements and activities of our girls as much as we have
enjoyed the first term of 2011.
Ms Linda Douglas,
From the Study
On our cover:
Georgina Baker
Kirsten Callander
represented Ruyton at the State Surf Lifesaving
Championships in March. Georgina won the gold medal in the Under 17 Board Rescue at this event.
From top:
Linda Douglas;Linda
Brad Nelsen
with exchange students.