the ruyton reporter
French assistant
Amelie Petit
welcomed baby Nolan on
December 2010.The family
was ecsatic to start the New
Year with him! Félicitations!
Congratulations to
and family on the birth
of Albert Cecil Elvis Allen on
May 2010.
Psychology teacher and VCE
welcomed Sebastian Christopher
Bartram on 23 September 2010.
He weighed 3.22kgs (7lb 1oz).
Sebastian is pictured with their
pet Boxer Wodger.
Chris Walkley
excited to announce the arrival
of Kalie Joan on 17 February 2011.
Baby News
Staff News
The Ruyton Foundation Indigenous Cultures
Research Award
In 2010, the Ruyton Foundation established
The Ruyton Foundation Indigenous Cultures
Research Award
Applications are open each
year to all students in Year 9. Congratulations
Georgie Bowden
Annabel Rodway
were announced as the inaugural recipients
in 2010.
As part of the Expanding Horizons Programme, both girls will tour Central
Australia and participate in an exchange to New Zealand where they will research
the indigenous cultures of both areas. As award recipients, the girls will prepare
a thesis on their research and findings. Georgie will focus on dance as represented
in indigenous culture while Annabel will explore issues relating to indigenous
health.We look forward to hearing about the girls’ insights later in the year.
Georgie Bowden and Annabel Rodway
Ruyton Educational Research Award
Congratulations to
Dr Guanxin Ren
from the Ruyton Chinese Faculty who is the
recipient of the 2011 Ruyton Educational Research Award.
In his research, Dr Ren will explore which primary sensory learning style – visual,
auditory or kinaesthetic – is most effective as a learning tool amongst secondary
school students studying Chinese as a second language (CSL). Students in the
Senior School at Ruyton will be part of this case study.
Dr Ren hopes that the findings of the study will determine not only which one of
the three primary sensory learning styles is the most effective, but also if there are
some girls who possess multi-sensory learning styles. If this is the case, do girls with
multi-sensory learning styles have an advantage over students with one primary
sensory learning style when studying CSL? Dr Ren’s research could also enhance
a teacher’s understanding of teaching and learning a language in general, as well
as having wider implications in the teaching of other LOTEs.
Apart from his teaching, Dr Ren has
maintained an active research profile
in Chinese language teaching and
presented papers at international
conferences in New Zealand, Malaysia,
the United Kingdom and America.
In January 2011 Dr Ren presented a paper
at the International Conference on
Language Teaching in Hawaii entitled,
Can cloze tests really improve second
language learners’reading comprehension
This paper won the best paper
award at the conference and will appear
in the April 2011 issue of the
Journal of
College Teaching and Learning
No. 4) published by the Clute Institute,
Colorado, USA.