autumn 2011
Going Green
Five years ago, Ruyton formally began its
sustainability journey.
Since then, the school has instituted a Sustainability Policy and Plan.We have created
student, staff and parent groups with an environmental focus.We have undertaken a
wide range of sustainability projects. Slowly but surely, we have transformed Ruyton
into a school where thinking about sustainability and acting sustainably have
become part of the school culture.
Throughout this time, Ruyton has committed to the ResourceSmart Schools (RSS)
Star Certification system.This system places schools alongside state and local
governments and businesses across Victoria in their sustainability achievements.
In previous years, we have completed the Core and Energy Modules of the RSS.This
year we are completing theWaste Module with a concerted focus on reducing
our waste.
Each year, new and innovative environment-related activities have been added
to the list of ‘what we do’ here at Ruyton.These now include regular TravelSmart Days,
our Walking School Bus programme, the Junior School 5-Star Lunches programme,
a Vegie Garden tended by the Prep class, Earth Hour, a Recycled Fashions Parade for
World Environment Day, No Heater Day, tree planting on National Tree Day, the
Rubbish Free Lunch Challenge and an extensive co-mingled and food waste recycling
Leading these projects is a team of indefatigable students and staff.Teaching and
non-teaching staff from across the school meet as a Staff Sustainability Committee
once a term to oversee the school’s sustainability programmes and to guide the
Ruyton community towards positive change in our environmental performance.
Proving that sustainability is also fun, our Senior School Students for Sustainability
SFS) and Junior School Green Teams provide enthusiastic leadership for the student
population. Members of the SFS have written about the highlights and achievements
of 2010 and our plans for 2011.
Timmee Grinham,
Co-ordinator of Sustainability
Rubbish Free Lunch Challenge 2010
One of Students for Sustainability’s biggest
successes last year was winning its first
award at the Sustainability Victoria Awards
Ceremony presented at Etihad Stadium.
Phoebe Ebbage, Jennifer Weigold
and me
accompanied by
Ms Jenne King,
Ruyton at the Ceremony.We not only
accepted the award for Best Newcomer for
the Rubbish Free Lunch Challenge, but also
contributed a piece of sculpture to a five-
year time capsule that contained the
sustainable hopes and goals of schools from
around Victoria.The award was duly earned
as Ruyton performed admirably during the
RFL Challenge, producing 19.4kg of rubbish
compared to a normal school day’s rubbish
production of 28.5kg.
The Junior School did an amazing job, producing less than 500g of rubbish on
the challenge day! The students hope to improve this result in 2011 to further
Ruyton’s dedication to saving the planet.
Sarah Heywood,
SFS Member, Year 10
Recycled Fashions Parade 2010
Last year, as a way to promoteWorld
Environment Day and encourage
sustainability in our school environment,
the SFS held a Recycled Fashions Parade. In
the parade, girls were given the options to
wear clothes which were made entirely out
of recycled materials or which had been
recycled’ from other, older clothes. Entries
ranged from clothes bought at Op Shops
to a dress made entirely out of newspaper.
It was interesting to see what innovative
fashions the girls came up with.
Emma and Lucy O’Neal,
SFS Members, Year 12
Future Spark Trailer Visit 2010
Tree Planting 2010
Rubbish Free Lunch Challenge 2010
So far in 2011... and into the future!
Earth Hour is a significant event on the Ruyton sustainability calendar.This year
we took our celebrations that one step further to correspond with the official
Earth Hour message of going ‘beyond the hour’.
In the weeks leading up to Earth Hour, in order to raise awareness and inspire
the girls, the Captains held a slumber party-themed Student Assembly where
they put on pajamas, got out their favourite teddy bears and pillows, and
watched the Earth Hour promotional video.They then discussed ways to go
beyond the hour’ at home.
On Friday 25 March, we celebrated our own special Ruyton Earth Hour by
turning out the lights and encouraging an electricity-free classroom between
pm and 3pm. On the day before Ruyton Earth Hour, the SFS girls organised an
entirely acoustic concert in Hiscock Court. Some of the school’s most talented
musicians were thrown out of their comfort zone and required to perform
outside and with no electricity! This meant no microphones, no keyboards and
no electric guitars, just fabulous voices and skilled playing.This event not only
challenged the performers but helped raise awareness about the importance
of Earth Hour.
This year, our SFS and Green Team girls will work in close collaboration to
encourage even more sharing of eco-friendly ideas across the whole school.
Some Green Teammembers have been invited to attend SFS meetings, and the
SFS girls are also keen to visit the Green Team during their gatherings to help
create a stronger bond between the two groups.
Georgia Pedersen,
Sustainability Captain 2011
Recycled Fashion