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Growing and Connecting
Junior School Swimming Sports
In Term 1, Junior School girls from Years 4 to 6 participated in the House Swimming
Sports Carnival. As well as the traditional stroke races, girls also competed in a range
of novelty events in what was a day of excitement, house spirit and excellent
Swimming, as part of the girls’ wider Physical Education Programme, has developed
extensively since the opening of the Ruyton Aquatic Centre in 2008.
The overall performance at these swimming sports has highlighted a marked
improvement in the swimming skills and confidence of the Junior School girls.
Following the event, the physical education staff noted a number of developments.
Girls did not need to swim in Lane 1 in order to exit the pool if they became tired.
Staff did not have to put kickboards down to avoid the girls bumping their heads on
the edge of the pool at the end of their backstroke swim. Girls knew how many
strokes were needed until the end of the pool.There was a noticeable increase in the
number of girls diving at the start of their race rather than starting in the pool.
Swimming is a life skill and the Physical Education staff at Ruyton is certainly doing
their part in developing and encouraging these skills in our girls.
Brad Nelsen,
Assistant Principal, Head of Junior School and
Angela Allen,
Co-ordinator of Houses
Grandparents and Special Friends’ Day
Grandparents and Special Friends’ Day is always a special event on the Junior School Calendar. It is a day where special memories
are created and the classroom experience is shared between Junior School girls and those most important to them.
This year, guests commented on the welcoming environment of the Junior School and the well-organised activities in the
classrooms.They were impressed by the kind and enthusiastic teachers and the respectful and polite manner of the girls.
In particular, many people noted the confidence and friendly nature of the Year 6 girls who acted as guides throughout the day.
The musical concerts in The Royce Theatre were of an exceptional quality.The girls performed with a high standard of
presentation as well as an obvious enjoyment of what they were doing.
There were smiles on the faces of everyone in attendance and we can’t wait until next year!
Brad Nelsen,
Assistant Principal, Head of Junior School
Lascelles girls