Ruyton Girls School Prospectus 2014 - page 5

Ruytonhasanoutstanding reputation for excellence
in theeducationofgirlsandyoungwomen.TheSchool
iswell known for itsexceptional culture,providinga clear
focusonpersonalised learningand theattainment of
educational excellenceandpersonal fulfilment.The size
ofour learning community isan important part of this
culturewithour Early LearningCentre, Junior School and
Senior School sharing theone campus.Thisprovides for
thenatural development of formal and informal
leadershipandmentoringprogrammesacross the
learning community.
Ruytongirlsareproudof their reputationasactive
and involved students.Theyareprovidedwithawide
rangeof curricularand co-curricularopportunitiesas
theymove through theSchool,withmanyof them
engaging inavarietyof activitieswhich include
community service,debating,drama,musicand sport.
Theirhigh levelsof participationandachievement
enhanceour cultureandbuild their senseofbelonging.
Most importantly, theyenjoy theseexperiencesand
opportunitiesanddevelop skillsand friendships that
can last a lifetime.
Inan increasinglydigitalworldweensure thatweprovide
ourgirlswith theopportunity touseavarietyof tools
and strategies toapproach their learning so theyare
flexibleand canadapt todiverse circumstances.
Asa learning communitywebelieve that ourgirls
need tobeequippedwith the skills,knowledge,values
andattitudes toengagewithand respond to the real-
worldproblemsand complexitiesof the21st century,
whilemaintaining their enjoyment of learning. First
and foremost theyneed to see themselvesas lifelong
learnersandglobal citizens,witha responsibility to take
action.Weencourageourgirls to think creativelyand
laterally, to thinkbigand toaskquestions, so theyare
empowered tomeet challengesandmake informed
decisions.Ruytongirlsareencouraged to lead.
Ruyton is frequentlyplaced in the top-performing
schools inVictoria, recognisingour strongand
consistent academic focus. InYears 11 and 12ourgirls
takepart in theuniqueCo-ordinateProgrammewith
TrinityGrammar School,providingour studentswith
aneducational experience thatpromotes independence
as theyprepare for tertiaryeducation.
There isnobetterway tounderstandour School than
to come
or toattendoneofourPrincipal’sConversationsand
experience theRuyton culture.
I look forward tomeetingyouandyourdaughter.
Ms LindaDouglas,Principal
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