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He does everything with utmost compliance, eyes dewy with joy and

submissiveness. Dogs are such naive, beautiful beasts. He laps at my

fingers, not seeking, but offering affection.

‘See you Tiger...’



A hand slapping my back and a greasy black pompadour wobbling over

his emerald eyes: Antony is back. Who knew studying in America

could toughen a lad so much, his nose and jawline now gaunt. If he

were originally a Greek god, he’s now a marble statue of one.

‘Whoa buddy, you’re looking great! How was it? You went without

even telling anyone, we all missed you, y’know?’ Andy teased, gently

grinding an elbow into Tony’s third rib. Tony smiled without

showing his alluring marble teeth, that’s new. Henry walked around

the corner resting his arm around Tony’s shoulder.

‘I learnt a game which they always play in the pub, it’s kinda like a

variation of Russian Roulette’, he explains, ‘You roll two die and if

their sum is 2two or 12 you must complete a dare’ the freckled cubes

sit patiently on his palm. Henry tosses the die between his hands. Six

and six.

‘Um, I dare you… e-eat this stale cookie’ Tony stutters, lips and

fingers quivering as he hands him an overdue snack from the depths

of his pocket.

Edward rolls two and five. Jonathan rolls one and three. The

blocks chatter in my hand. One and one.

I shrug, anticipating, Tony doesn’t make good ones.

‘You know Karson’s bag? The black one that’s always in his locker,

it’s stinking up the locker room, probably his old sports gear or

something. I dare you, take his bag.’

‘Right, I’ll try grabbing it after school’

‘Um, you need to take it now..’

‘Don’t worry bro, you can trust me’

He hesitated.

It’s quite heavy, emitting a putrid odour. I drag it out of his locker.

Bump, crack. Oops. I think something snapped, it should be okay if

it’s a baseball bat or a racquet, I’ll buy him a new one. Tony didn’t tell

me where to take it to. I’ll take it home, probably wash and throw out

a few things.

I Dare You,

Take His Bag

Stephanie Hua

Isobelle Carmody Award

for Creative Writing

Honourable Mention