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Susan Fang

Orator of the Year


Good morning class and Mr. Zavattiero. Today I am going to talk

about an inspirational person. There are many inspirational people

in the world, but I believe that a broad definition of someone

inspirational is someone who does not necessarily achieve greatness

themselves, but who has aided or influenced others to achieve

greatness. Someone inspirational is someone who has made a

difference. After saying that, I can conclude that someone

inspirational in my life is my sister Suwen Fang. Not only has she

influenced many others and me with her powerful and inspiring

actions, but she has also acted as my umbrella to protect me from rain

in my life. This one action has shaped me to become who I am today.

Suwen was born into a happy and loving family in the year of

1999, making her 16 this year. Her life story is a fortunate and

positive one, and that is how she is able to spread her optimism to all

those around her, to brighten and liven up their days. In the year of

2003, I was born. When I looked at Suwen, I not only saw an older

sister, but I also saw a huge role model, an incredibly smart mentor

and a miraculous hero. I followed her wherever she went and

believed everything she said. She would always say that life is like an

onion, full of many layers, and that in order to truly live life, one

must peel off the outer layers to reveal life’s greatest joys. She has

helped me experience those joys by bringing new gifts in my life that

could not have been given to me by anyone else, and which I have

treasured, every day. These small but empowering actions have

made my early years better than they could have ever been. That is

something that makes her truly inspirational.

I still remember my first day at school when I was only a small

4-year-old girl who had never really gained a special friend in my

previous years. I was a nervous wreck to go into a strange and new

environment that I had never encountered before. Luckily, Suwen

went to the same school as me and stayed with me during recess and

lunch. But it is not for the way Suwen cared for me that day that

inspired me, it is the fact that the next day, she encouraged me to

make my first friend, and that has inspired me even all the way up to

today. She taught me that comfort is a familiar luxury in one’s life,

but there will always be a time to explore the unfamiliarity of a new

world. I became a bit more independent that day: that moral

message made me who I am, and helped me experience the joys in

life that I may not have experienced otherwise.