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Devastation has struck the coast of Kenya as excessive water has

flooded the eastern coast town of Gymbia. The small coastal town is

surrounded by dry African trees that shade the small mud-brick

homes which litter the village. The well that sits in the town centre

used to be drained dry of even the smallest drops of moisture, but is

now overflowing with water. Children that were once playing simple

games as their parents worked, have now been left without hope as

gaining income is becoming near impossible as work is no longer

available. Stray cats and dogs that once ran wild, caught up in the

cheerful laughter coming from joyous children, have now been

abandoned as everyone leaves for higher ground. With animals dying

and crops underwater from the extravagant abundance of rain, it

seems that there is little hope for the small town of Gymbia. The

once-thriving town is now under great stress as village residents are

suffering from devastation as their homes are flooded and farmland

drowned. Fatalities have cursed the east coast as the persistent

moisture is bringing unwanted diseases among the already weak

townspeople. The lingering rain continues to damage property, and

the lasting dampness has already caused fatal infections affecting

most of Gymbia’s population.

The townspeople built their village below the mountains to

capture the precipitation in the dry climate, but have now realised

their mistake. The village is beginning to drown from the rain that

was once much needed, and with ocean levels continuing to rise due

to climate change, help is in high demand for this poverty-stricken

village. Distressed residents have sent out cries of help to

neighbouring countries, hoping for the best, but sadly it’s only going

down-hill from here.



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I turned the



I couldn’t help but notice my surroundings. I was sitting on my

white leather couch, phone in hand, the


blaring and my dog

sleeping peacefully at my feet. This didn’t seem fair. I have so much;

a beautiful house, a well-paid job and a sense of security, yet they

have so little.

It was when my girlfriend spoke that I decided I wanted to help.

‘God dammit, they’re always asking for our bloody money. I mean,

why should we have to give away our hard-earned dollars to ‘help the

needy’. It’s all just ridiculous.’


Elise Allibon

Isobelle Carmody Award

for Creative Writing

Honourable Mention