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Hidden within its shadowy depths, alone amongst the vast

nothingness that surrounds it, millions of years away from anything,

lies a cloud, a grey, gloomy cloud. Each ball of fluff just lays there still.

No wind to give it movement, no colour to give it essence. Although

lifeless on the outside, deep within its dusty skin, three pillars stand

tall. Surrounded by glistening little balls of light, dominating the

dreary shadows of neighbouring clouds, life sits among the lifeless,

among the Pillars of Creation.

The tallest one stands four light years tall, appearing so small

compared to the rest of its home. All around them, large stars come

to life, and others die, exploding like dynamite, then slowly becoming

a new star again. From a distance, you can take in their beauty. You

can see each shape and curve, and wonder at their elegance. But

closer up, you see the dust and the gasses that lie still amongst the

chaos as stars slowly form. Each star’s beginning is reckless as the

flames spark from the gasses pulled in by the hefty force of gravity as

it traps anything that ventures near. All the violence and heat creates

a sense of being at the epicentre of a super volcanic eruption.

Nothing is stable, strong wind-like forces smash the air around the

centre of the soon-to-be-born star. Although it takes years upon

years, finally beauty is born. Stars are forever treacherous balls of gas,

but as a little ball of sparkling light adding life to the darkness of

space, they are peaceful beings in the night sky.

Sadly, after its long life, there is no peaceful end; stars are always

going out with a bang, and a large one. The fiery ball slowly turns on

itself as it runs out of fuel to burn, and as it becomes more and more

unsettled, it explodes like a trip mine, sudden and fast, as you never

know exactly when a star might burst. As it launches parts of itself all

over space, it leaves a gas cloud, that will slowly be pulled together

and reform into the star’s heir, another to take its place again

amongst the many stars of the glorious Milky Way.

Out in distant space, little mostly happens. You can see the events

that occur in the galaxies around you, but you don’t know what it

would be like to be in them, all you can do is stare at the beauties of

each star that creates its own light to find its way in the vast, blackness

that circles it. At the galaxies that slowly merge together in a rage of

galactic cannibalism, or at the black holes, invisible round balls

bending space and time, engulfing anything that comes near them,

compacting it in their infinite gravity, erasing it from existence.

The Pillars

Of Creation

Alicia Jones